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The free temple Movement and scams

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There is a big argument on social media that why should the government have temples in their control, Swαmy went to court against several state govt. to free temples will explain to you all why does Swαmy wants to free temples & why Modi thinks differently.

Let us understand, this matter in detail. It’s estimated that Temples in India could have potentially around 3k to 4k tonnes of Gold. That’s a huge amount of Gold, but who owns it, it’s the individual temple. Apart from Gold, our temples have precious jewels & antiques worth billions. One of the Gold mines is Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Kerala, which has precious stones & Gold worth 1 Trillion dollars, there have been regularly thefts going on at various temples. Even this temple in Travancore has experienced theft which was informed to the Supreme Court.

Now it’s important to understand why this matter went to the Supreme Court. Kerala gov said, once the princely state is merged, its assets become state’s property hence Kerala gov should be able to encash by selling gold & jewels. Devotees said that’s a sin, we are not supposed to touch it.

Now Supreme Court’s verdict is out, that temple’s assets should be protected at any cost, rejected the claim of ownership of Kerala gov. They formed a temple committee that consists of public servants & private members to ensure a fair & strict audit of temple assets to avoid theft.

Here is a Youth Congress leader caught stealing antique Jain idols to generate funds for the elections. Smuggling temple artifacts is big business.

Now let’s look at the precious Pink Diamond from Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam which went missing. A temple priest accused the government of Andhra of smuggling this precious diamond out of India. Now this precious diamond was auctioned in London but the Pink Diamond failed to attract a buyer, probably the price was too high or the others got aware of the smuggling, it is believed now the jewel has returned to Tirupati.

Now Indian jewels have high demand in the international market, here are some precious Mughal jewels going on auction, now Mughals also stole these precious jewels from Hindu kingdoms and our temples, so much of our assets are already being taken away from us.

Here you can see the UK has returned valuable antique idols of Ram, Sita & Lakshman. I am sure most of you don’t even know if any such idols ever existed, thousands of idols are already being sold in the International market.

I think most of you know that Swαmy had accused Sonia Gandhi of smuggling antiques from India and her sister selling those antiques in Italy and Europe. This petition was filed in 2002, now don’t ask me what happened further. #MandavliMama

Let’s hear from the man himself what he has to say about antique smuggling and the charges on Sonia Gandhi.

There is a complete documentary on Blood Buddhas which talks about antiquity smuggling business which is destroying our legacy of temples, Our deities are sold in the International market.

This documentary is based on the submission of two saints Shri. Swαmy & Shri. Tharoor.

Here is the trailer of Blood Buddhas where Swαmy himself has said that smuggling antiques from India are a million-dollar business. See the video you will realize how deep-rooted is the problem.

Now coming to the Uttrakhand, Kedarnath-Badrinath committee which was formed in 2019. This Committee has 30 members just like SC’s verdict in Padmanabhaswamy Temple’s case with public-private participation, headed by CM himself, committee also includes the biggest donor Ambani family.

Governments’ utmost priority is to protect the thefts of the temple assets and preserve our culture & heritage. In order to preserve, govt should know about all the assets of the temple and this can only be known through a strict audit where all stakeholders are aware of assets

Giving all ancient temples to private members is like giving a free hand to smugglers to move the assets in and out at free will. The audit is the only way to keep a record of all the assets in the temple’s possession. Plus we don’t know to whom we are handing over the temple.

Now, most of you will ask me, what happens when BJP is not ruling & Congress comes to power. Will Congress sell assets of the temple? The answer is No, coz once the temple assets are under audit then assets become subjudiced, plus its public-private participation to ensure smooth functioning.

The entire argument of the free Temple movement is a farce and malicious. It’s related to billions of dollars in illegal businesses. Our temple assets should be protected at any cost. Swαmy has a reputation of playing the role of the broker, he is doing the same under the name of Hindutva. Earlier I spoke about the Thorium scam related to Ram Setu & here I explained to you about Blood Buddhas & Pink diamonds. This solves our riddle, why Swαmy turned Hindu in 2007, coz he has a larger interest which can only be fulfilled under the mask of Hindutva’s emotional quotient.

Now I explained my perspective on this topic. Now I leave the decision to you, whether you stand with Modi ji and trust his actions or you still think Swαmy is right in filing a petition against the government.

The choice is yours.

जय श्री राम 🙏

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