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The death of an innocent girl

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Shitiz Srivastava
Shitiz Srivastava
A Filmmaker, Digital Marketing Expert, Author, Columnist, Vlogger, Pubic Speaker, a Right Winger and an avid Modi Supporter.

I opened twitter today and I was welcomed by this video of a boy named Tauseef shooting and murdering a girl named Nikita Tomar point blank because she wasn’t agreeing to do what he wanted her to do – to elope with her and convert her to his religion.

Worse is that he tried to kidnap her few months before but that failed and she filed a harassment case against him. In such cases as far as I know Police and families don’t want to ruin a student’s life so they often reach to a compromise. It happened in this case as well.

The families have issued a statement proving that the boy wanted to convert the girl to his own religion and hence making it clear that the case was of Love jihad. A lot of left wingers are trying to divert the case to male patriarchy when it is not.

But why?

Why do they always want to defend the religion which has time and again proved intolerant towards anyone who doesn’t adhere to their ideology? A recent happening of Islamic beheading done in France was also diverted as a case of terrorism. Why is the left trying to ignore the data and stats to prove otherwise?

Ignoring the causes behind a problem does nothing but escalates the problem. How difficult is that to understand? Recently I also read Terrorist Country Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan citing the attitude of entire world towards Islam similar to Nazi’s propaganda.

It is highly foolish to compare the Islamist extremists with Jews. First, Jews didn’t go around killing people. And second, the situation is completely different here. In Germany it was one man’s eccentricity that led to such mass murders but here the entire world is now standing up for the atrocities of Islamic terror.

I agree that we should not blame the entire Islamic population for such terror acts. But what amuses me most is that the Islamists instead of condemning the act, don’t utter a word against the atrocities but instead start defending them. When an extremist or a criminal is targeted they invariably make it about entire Islamic religion. It is actually the other way round. More than the people blame Islamist hard cores, they defend them ore than it is required. They like to play victim all the time while committing crimes all over the globe.

Isn’t it common sense to see that whichever country is invaded by Muslims, as been headed for more violence? When have we heard such instances of killings such as we have seen in France before? France was always the safest country in the world. People flock there for vacations to escape the negativity of the world. It was beautiful, safe, rich and rarely would you hear any instances of terror beheadings or killings there. Now it has become a common occurrence.

What is more alarming is the fact that these killings are not done by terrorist groups but individuals who live in society among us.

Tauseef was also one of us. I wonder people around Tauseef would have anticipated such an act from him. He must have been seen as a rash, hot headed guy but who could predict point blank murder like this. However, it cannot be denied that if you are bringing a loaded gun to kidnap a girl, surely your intentions are that you are going to use it at some point if need arises.

In the video surfaced on twitter, you can clearly see that he was trying to force her inside his car to kidnap her. She tried to escape, but he shot her dead. Surprisingly, he was not surprised by his own act and was prepared for it.

Who would do such cold-blooded murder?

I believe that this kind of cold-blooded murder can only be done by someone who either knows that he can escape from its consequences or someone who has seen someone in his family doing the same and getting out of it unpunished with clean hands.

It is astonishing how much kids learn from their surroundings while growing up. For getting motivated to do such an act, he must have been filled with thoughts that whatever he was doing was right and for greater good and if someone doesn’t agree with him, then it is alright to snatch the privilege of their lives from them.

Whatever has happened has happened and this is not an isolated incidence. Such cases of love jihad and violence has been witnessed before.

But what will happen eventually is even scarier.

Tauseef will be in jail for some time, he might be convicted and when he will come out, he will be even more dangerous to our society. He might get spared of being jailed if he gets a good lawyer who can prove that it was not a pre-meditated murder and the youth has his entire life in front of him so he needs to be given another chance to mend his ways.

He is not going to get capital punishment for sure, which would have been a better option to make a point out of this entire ordeal. This case like other cases will die a slow death in media as well as in courts and people will forget it after a while like they forget everything.

But every crime that goes unpunished opens a car of worms for other crimes to be committed soon. If there is no fear of law and consequences, more such instances will occur and no one will be able to stop them.

For a moment keeping the ideology of Muslims and Hindus aside, if we see this crime from a pure criminal point of view, even then it deserves the maximum allowable punishment from our respected court. No one has the right to take someone else’s life for such petite reasons.

A proper reason or a reasonable motif can be a justified for a crime but if we allow such gross disregard for other person’s life for such petite reason, then rest assured that more such instances will take place in future. As they say, “A stich in time saves nine.”, so I believe that a proper stitch is in order right now. If we don’t wake up now, there will come a time when waking up won’t make any difference in our society and such rare instances will become common occurrences and I am afraid that we are reaching there.

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Shitiz Srivastava
Shitiz Srivastava
A Filmmaker, Digital Marketing Expert, Author, Columnist, Vlogger, Pubic Speaker, a Right Winger and an avid Modi Supporter.
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