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How Gandhi fellows are bringing positive change in rural government schools through intervening with stakeholders (Journey of Gandhi fellows)

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Gandhi Fellowship is a two-year residential program in transformation leadership for youths who wants to bring changes in rural schools. Starting from 2008 to till date Gandhi fellows are bringing changes in rural education with the help of government stakeholders and bright spot in communities. Gandhi fellows are working across (14 States, 42 district) with 3 program namely SLDP, STP and DTP. Be the change you want to see in the world , the fellowship believes that fellows can bring positive changes in society by bringing positive change in themselves.

Fellows are motivated to be empathetic towards their stakeholders and peers so they know how others are feeling and they can respond appropriately to the situation. SLDP fellows works at grassroot level. They work closely with principal teacher parents and bright spots in communities to increase students learning outcome. Each fellows join the fellowship with some vision to bring changes. They come from different background , belonging to diverse cultures having different educational qualification but with a common aim to do something for the betterment of rural children. After allotment of school they have freedom to show their creativity in school and adjoining communities for two years. Each Gandhi fellows attach emotionally with schools and they proudly say everywhere that it is my school. They come from different cultures but they become integral part of their culture. They learn their language so they work in communities effectively.

What changes Gandhi fellows bring in schools?

They work on leadership skills of HMs and teachers to bring positive changes in school. They works on various track that influences students learning outcome. They work closely with stakeholders to ensure participation of primary students in library and assembly. They motivtes students to participate in extra curricular activities. They bring structural changes in school with the help of stakeholders. They also seek help from bright spot in communities to address social issues.They undergo through various processes to bring social change in communities. The important is community immersion. It is a process in which fellows have to stay in one of its communities for one month.

Fellows have to search a home in community free of cost . Community immersion enhances your perseverance and make you resilient enough to face the hardships of life and and be empathetic towards rural people. It is the first step for Gandhi fellows to become social leaders. While residing in communities they become integral part of community. They have to do labour jobs. During community immersion they address many social issues and they work on it throughout the fellowship.It is one of the exciting experiences they have gone through. Gandhi fellows closely work with teacher in process like classroom immersion. One of the important process for self change vipassana, all fellows have to go through. In 12 years of journey Gandhi fellows has brought many changes in rural schools in Rajasthan. Their many initiatives have been recognised by government and implemented at broad level.

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