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Hindus self-indulgence or other radicalism, What hurts Hindus more?

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Today Hindus are fighting for their existence in a country where they are in majority.

Sorry to say but the reality is Hindus have become the most selfish religion on the earth nowadays, the religion which is always known for humanity and charity now losing their originality. Why it is so easy to divide Hindus? Let’s try to find out this answer- most pro-Hindus researchers focus on only 4-5 To areas, like caste, 370 Kashmir, Ayodhya, and all that. They spend their whole lot of energy to defend that the caste atrocities which we are observing today are not what originally caste stand for and what the benefit of removal of 370 and all that, but they never realize the fact that what caste system originally was is nothing to do with today reality and we have to accept the reality and try to solve the problems. The whole ecosystem of leftists or dividing India forces rootwork on somehow related to caste, they are surviving in society today, its only reason is caste difference which we have never accepted and they never want it to be removed. It’s high time to speak the truth and accept the reality and as soon as possible to remove this practice from society completely.

If you ask any Hindus about their identity; the most expected answer is we all know. the main problem is our youth don’t even know who they are, who their ancestors were, what their history is. Then how could you expect them to fight for their culture and existence? They will never become a warrior to a cultural war if they don’t know and not proud of the culture they belong to. Every individual in other religion particularly in Islam have a clear mindset to what they have to do, what they have to achieve at the end of the day, but this is something you will not find in any Hindus. That’s why everyone is contributing to their religion flourishing in some way because they know what their ultimate aim is. Hindus are aimless and they have no idea of what their future is going to be in a cultural sense. They learn nothing from history, forget history, they are not even in the position to learn from present scenario.

“Hinduism will never end” is that something hurting more than anything. Anyone can clearly learn from the history that Hinduism already lost its half before partition and lost 30% after partition. In 5 states Hindus are on the edge of extinction. If Hindus do not awake now, it will be very much possible to lose the rest. When Hindus were slaughtered in Kashmir, Hindus did not raise their voice. Forget outrage, Hindus have become so selfish that if you kill their neighbor they will thank god to have saved them. They don’t want to accept the fact that today they kill them tomorrow will be your turn. What is happening today in Kerala and West Bengal is not different from Kashmir but we are not even in position to talk about it, because we are safe somehow.

When we fight an ideological war with leftist; sadly we are nowhere close to their ecosystem.

Simply we do not invest in human resources properly, not teaching our child our culture properly, not expanding our research areas, and not making them to be proud of their culture. It is high time for Hindus researcher to expand their research and accept those facts which are real and make every Hindu individual a warrior of the culture war, otherwise, tomorrow will be your turn; just remember.

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