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Time to reconsider our medical services

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History is not just about the facts. Moreover, it’s about the context and who is telling it. When the vaccine to fight the Wuhan virus will be available; probably we’ll forget about the crisis we’ve faced during this pandemic.

The pandemic has revealed that how vulnerable we are to the biological warfare. Researchers and experts have made claims that Covid-19 was a trial weapon of Beijing to test international response to a biological weapon.

We may establish several hundred Covid-19 test facilities but still most the patients are not getting proper attention due to the lack of fundamental medical services.

Indian medical infrastructure is severally damaged. A government primary health care unit is less appropriate than a private clinic but let us put aesthetics aside for a moment and focus on active human resources in medical services.

There is a huge shortage of doctors in India. As of now we only have approximately one million registered doctors in India including experts of every field.

Most of the people in remote villages and in major cities as well are treated by registered/unregistered pharmacists. A significant portion of patients in India take drug without a prescription and a doctor’s consultation. We already are aware of premature deliveries deaths of women in India but where stand to today to resolve the issue, is a Kryptonite question which makes the so-called largest democracy superman vulnerable around it.

According to the NEET, almost 77,000 candidates take admission in the medical colleges for MBBS program but only around 50,000 graduate the course. One-third of the candidates fail and it is not because of the education system or professors. The fundamental reason is reservation in medical examinations. The one deserving candidate is left without admission and the one who must be left out is given admission in medica college.

We already have this flaw with other education institutions. There was no need of doing this with medical services. At least it could be excused from undeserving candidates but our parliament cannot stomach the fact if excused one sector of our system will become more convenient and they will lose one topic to mock their political enemy.

It is the necessity of the moment to reconsider our health services and induct more convenient norms to make this sector vital so that a tax-payer can take a bit of taste of his own money.

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