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Why handling success is more difficult than achieving success

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Suman saurabh
Suman saurabh
Student,jadavapur university,WB

Success is something everyone looks for when one starts any work or performs any duty. It’s the natural tendency. Generally, it happens so because of two reasons; (I) most of us don’t know how to accept failures and therefore fear of it. (II) while looking around, time and again we have felt that success means everything & if we don’t succeed in what we do,we would be let down by the society.

It’s obvious that getting success (of our satisfaction level)is hard but handling success is even harder & that’s the uncommon fact. One can understand it in many ways; most easily and practically by applying the reasons on oneself. In the 1st category,We find many individuals who even just find the way/path by which they can succeed,they become relaxed&feel as if they have achieved it.

2nd category is most important, which majority of youths belong to. This category consists of the people who succeed but as soon as they achieve success, they develop a kind of attitude and sense of pride in themselves. They start devaluing others more often than not. This is so common now a days but “not-so-commonly-felt”. If their one or two decisions prove right, they consider themselves as superior and as someone who can never go wrong with their decisions. And therefore,they reach at a saturation point only after succeeding once or twice. They may still maintain a higher position of which they would have thought to achieve, they may not downfall but most sadly and importantly, they seize to develop. In process they loose many trust worthies who contributed in achieving them success and they never find such kind of people again in their life. Hence this is also one of the major reasons they don’t get a success of higher level.

In 3rd category, there are very few people who know how to handle the success. These kind of people remain unaffected by the noise of their success. They just withdraw the positivity from their last success, add it and move on to achieve some bigger targets with the confidence of the added positivity of their various success.

/\.’;lIn the contemporary India, two of the great examples are our beloved PM Shri Narendra Modi ji and Sachin tendulkar ji. Even after achieving more than what their contemporaries achieved, they work harder to get more and more, unaffected by the noise. Hence, they became supreme in their respective fields.

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Suman saurabh
Suman saurabh
Student,jadavapur university,WB
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