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Reverse evolution theory

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The Divided States of America is facing a civil war in the election year. Ever since the black lives matter and anti Trump protests took the form of street side riots and fights several videos related to loot and plunder of neighborhood shops have come out on social media and news platforms.

While the world is fighting a pandemic and practicing social distancing, citizens are exercising their constitutional right to protest against racially targeted killings. On the other hand a section of society which is neither victim nor the perpetrator of targeted violence is undertaking organized loot as a new form of expressing rebellion against established order.

Human society evolved from jungles to villages and later built mega cities, created social orders and economies so that people may live in harmony and prosper by taking part in economic activities that thrive on interdependence of people from various genders, religions, races etc. The latest series of loots without shame are an indication of the deteriorated state of human mind or a Reverse Evolution or Anti Darwinism as I call it.

Civil disobedience is a mark of a civilized society that wants to make itself heard whenever there is injustice. While in a war with an enemy nation different rules are applicable on the battle field, the fights and differences between heterogeneous communities or ideologies within a nation are to be taken up through civil arguments, litigation and democratic process of participation.

Expression of dissent through violence is first type of criminal behaviour. The second and more dangerous type is to support for the same, third and worst being normalizing violence as a form of social justice. The latest display of violence and greed through destruction, criminal disobedience, loot and lack of empathy for businesses that thrive on hard work and ethics shows a lot of rot in the criminal justice system of United States and civilizational values of the citizens of the free world across genders and races.

Those who indulge in criminal disobedience as a method of expression of their dissent to an act of violence or injustice should be dealt with iron hands and made to rot in prison cells for disrupting the life and order of common man who has nothing to do with the injustice that was a result of the decisions of a handful men.

Those who indulge in taking democracy as hostage and encourage violence as a method of dissent are often found in their air conditioned Politburo rooms. While their radicalized, misguided loose canons fire in the neighborhood and die as pawns in the Game of Thrones played by puppet masters also known by popular jargons synonymous with hypocrisy and cowardice. This is a relevant case study of global politburo politics in light of events of US having been copy pasted in London, Delhi and Bangalore too.

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