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Ayatollah Khamenei’s Hindi Twitter account: What is cooking?

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Iran’s supreme leader Ayotallah Khamenei has opened a twitter account in Hindi. This action is serious, Indian intelligence agencies and Bhartiyas must be on alert, especially since this action comes in a span of few days of the Bhumi Pujan ceremony of ShriRamJanmaBhumi. Its a serious indication of notorious intentions on behalf of the leader of a nation who wants to establish itself as a leader of “Muslim world”.

Persian lands were invaded by followers of the “peaceful religion” in the past, they drove out the ancient Iranians and wiped out the historical culture. Still, the followers of the certain peaceful community were not satisfied and they fulfilled their wishes by the so-called “Iranian revolution”, wiping out any instance of progressive customs from the lands of Iran.

Now, comes the worrisome part, Iranian supreme leader was vocal against the CAA act introduced by the Indian Government for the protection of minorities of Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. He expressed his displeasure over the “treatment” of muslims in India over the reports of “persecution of muslims” in Delhi riots(represented by left-liberal media as anti muslim riots, but the real conspirators and reasons are well known). His statements were mentioned in his official twitter account, indicating the “suffering” of “minorities” in India, this was also a way to establish himself as a messiah of muslims in the eyes of islamic nations.

As readers might remember, India brought back its citizens from Iran amid the covid pandemic. These people were “students” studying in Iran. Now comes the interesting question, what were they studying in a nation of the middle east where any hope of learning science, engineering or any other modern education is ridiculous? Well, they were on a “religious education” program in the country of gulf as per media reports. What “religious education” they learned and what will be its outcome on the integrity and culture of India is horrifying to imagine!

India has recently trimmed off its business interests with Iran amid the US government pressure (a serious move irking Iran). This raises doubt over the sovereignty of India as well as harms its interest in immediate neighborhood which is becoming an undeclared colony of China. However, more dangerous is its internal structure whose condition is extremely critical since independence and became more serious since the abrogation of article 370 and banning triple talaq, the introduction of CAA, and groundbreaking ceremony of Ram Temple. India must never undermine the breaking India forces which are always looking for reasons to achieve their dream of “bleeding India into thousand pieces” and “Gazwa-e-Hind” with the target year of 2047.

At this time, this action of Iranian leader is a serious issue, considering that a particular community acts on anything [without cross questioning] prescribed by its religious leaders and special books.

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