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A change that doesn’t augur well on this Independence Day

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They say people change with time; do they? Or it’s just a process of shredding skin seasonally like reptiles in the wild do. Whatever, the wild has its set natural processes which are in tune with nature. Are humans in sync with its own natural process of development let alone its harmonious co-existence with the nature? Deviating from what’s natural is the current fad.

Millennials are a step farther from the Generation X in all terms. Breaking away from traditions and culture is the new black. The pop culture, capitalizing on the weaknesses of millennials, is sailing its boat smoothly with a huge profiteering success. The religious institutions dotted with extremes are sermonizing on its superiority over another. The Generation X are caught between the horns of dilemma with what should be passed down and what should be accepted to be graced as progressive. With maturity at all levels touching the zenith, the desire to unlearn the age-old practices is the order of the day.

The benefits of information boom aren’t uniform, attaining its universality is still one of the challenges of the 21st century. The scholars respected through generations are now dismissed as propellers of anachronistic knowledge. Women folk are discouraged to become mothers or for that matter housewives so much so that motherhood ends at maternity clinics, and mostly the present-day mothering is left over to mid-wives. With important roles of scholars and mothers being diminished, the character of nation is at a greater stake. A human being cheats his fellow being without scruples. He unmasks himself as per his need.

The character of the nation is carried by its citizens. If aberration is the norm, then how do we create soldiers of character defending borders? How do we create institutions and polity without the foundation of good character? Change is constant, but it’s has its share of statics which shouldn’t be dishonored in the name of change. As we celebrate this 74th Independence Day, some reflection for Gen Y on change – courtesy of weak character – is needed. Jai Hind!

The author is a media professional and can be contacted at [email protected].

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