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Why only Hindus get hunted by Conversion Mafia?

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I was scrolling down my twitter feed and suddenly I saw a news that in Arunachal Pradesh a Pastor burned the idol of a local Devi “Ain Donyi”. The first thought that came to my mind was “Why? don’t be so blind to enforce your thinking on others that you forget your limits”. I was not okay with it but who cares about Hindus?

I went to see the comments and then I saw something out of the world. This is the comment of a twitter user named Jibran, he said that:

” Is Hinduism so fragile that the burning of one idol will hurt the religion? why can’t we grow up and ignore these acts The more you get angry, the more trouble mongerers will arise “

So, according to this genius, ignoring the problem is the best way to solve it. I completely disagree, my opinion is, no matter who the hell pastor is, he should be punished for this hate crime and we should not promote such religious teachings in our country that promote discrimination against other living beings.

These type of people are just there to confuse Hindus. They will normalize the issue so Hindus don’t care about it and then they do what they want! The biggest harm is always done by our own people. That is why Mughals and Britishers ruled over India.

The Solution for Conversion Mafia

The best way to protect our people from these extremists is to spread awareness and educate them about their own rich cultural heritage. Hindus are unaware of their own scriptures, majority of Hindus don’t read any Upanishads or Bhagavad Gita that’s why they get easily defeated in debates.

Every teenager should read Bhagavad Gita and Indian Parents should teach their kids about their Ancient History. Teach your kids Dharma otherwise, others will teach them Adharma.

The government should develop better schools and hospitals in rural areas government should also help poor farmers to get higher rates for their crops. If we will develop good infrastructure, there will be no need for missionaries schools and hospitals.

We are not against any religion. I am against the extremism and hypocrisy of these religions no matter they are done by Christians, Hindus or Muslims. Religion never teaches (MUST NOT TEACH) violence but the greed of power and money does.

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