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Ram Ram “Rafale” – Ephialtes to foes and Rebuttal of UPA

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It all started with honorable Supreme Court’s decision which gave clean chit on Rafale becoming a remainder that The Military Deals should be above Politics. The deal was signed by the Indian Government with the French Government and dassault aviation in September 2016 to acquire 36 Rafale fighter jets. Honorable Supreme court dismissed the petition filed by Yashwant Sinha, Arun Shourie and Prashant Bhushan stating it to be devoid of merit. The honorable bench comprising of Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi, Justices SK Kaul and KM Joseph stated directly that- “they do not feel it necessary to file an FIR (first Information Report)” or an inquiry into the Rafale deal”.

Back in 2003, Indian Air Force asked for New Fighter Jets from Atal Vihari Vajpayee ji , at that time he was the Prime Minister after that the request made by Indian Army to him, he agreed to embed the new fighter jets into the Air Force. The very Next year Atal Vihari Vajpayee lost the election then Indian National Congress came into Rule which continued for the straight forward ten year which means congress had ten years of Power. Unfortunately the issue was ignored which led towards threat to National Security. The only process done at that time period was tendering and choosing the dassault company, France to make a deal with. Total number of 126 Fighter Jets were to be taken out of that 18 were to be made in France by the dassault company itself and the remaining 108 were to be made in India. Neither the pricing or Deal was finalized at that time and the matter was closed in 2013. Which did not mean that the Air Force didn’t need the Fighter Jets.

Then in 2014 Bhartiya Janta Party (Modi Government) comes into power and then again the demand was raised by the Indian Air Force, this time considering as of top most important Modi Government does the dealing again, but this time Rather than dealing with Dassault Company directly The Indian Government directly deals with The French Government. The deal was done for a total of 36 Fighter Jets will be purchased also they all will be made by Dassault company at France itself.


Then Mr Rahul Gandhi raised the allegation against Modi Government that UPA pricing deal for per jet is 560 crores and in NDA per jet pricing was 1700 Crores, how did the pricing hiked by 3 percent? Then the matter was UPA deal was not even a deal it was a normal talk session nothing else. In 2007 UPA itself offered Dassault the deal of 560 crores per jet, which was not accepted by Dassault. From there the very famous “Rafale scam” started. Rather than the UPA deal at 560 crores the NDA deal with 1700 crore was cheaper how? The answer is in the UPA deal 18 jets were made by Dassault itself, which was therefore costly, Remaining 108 jets were to be made in India for which Dassault was supplying technology only. Which leads to the average pricing of per jet very low hence 560 crores per jet. The jets were not even ready in the UPA deal but in NDA everything is included whether it may missiles, insurance etc- all the required mandatories.

The total 36 jets which are coming under the NDA deal is under complete responsibility of Dassault itself, and afterwards if there arises some default or anything on the jets Dassault would repair it and provide with all the requirements of jets free of costs. There was no such provision and guarantee like this under the UPA deal, which would have been a major loss if it would have occurred technical errors or anything. After combining all of this it can be found out that India under NDA has purchased it at a very normal cost (according to sources 9 percent lesser rate). The Defence Equipment prices rises with time and that is obvious, time span was larger that is ten years also rate of currency varies with time. Then there comes Offset Clause under NDA deal, now what is an offset clause?

The money paid by Indian Government for 36 jets out of that money total 50 percent of money was to be invested back in India by Dassault preferably on the Defense Companies or Defense Sector of India in short Collaboration for which it was on Dassault with whosoever the company wants to Collaborate with. Then Dassault finalised a total 70 companies to collaborate with out of which one was Reliance , which was very well known to be pointed out by Rahul Gandhi again and again and left the other 69 companies aside. Allegations were made against Shri Narendra Modiji that this was intentionally done by him but the reality was this whole Offset Clause under which it was Dassault Company who themselves chose Reliance with other 69 companies to collaborate with. 

The very famous “chowkidaar chor hai campaign”

Then started tweet wars and the very famous campaign called “Chwokidar Chor Hai” was started by Rahul Gandhi for which BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi initiated The Contempt Case against Rahul Gandhi which was heard by bench lead by Ex Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi Gandhi had earlier filed an affidavit expressing regret over mixing up his political slogan “chowkidar chor hai” with the court’s Rafale hearings in the heat of political rhetoric after the court demanded an explanation from him on the issue. Then it was up to court to accept the apology after which Rahul Gandhi apologised and it was accepted also warning was given to him. 

Then finally on 29th of July 2020 the first 5 rafales were welcomed at Haryana’s Ambala to join the Indian Air Force fleet. They were firstly welcomed by Naval Warship INS KOLKATA at Indian Ocean on morning. The conversation between them went as follow as –

“INS Kolkata Delta63: Arrow leader (flying #Rafale),welcome to Indian Ocean Rafale leader: Many thanks. Most reassuring to have an Indian warship guarding seas INS Kolkata: May you touch the sky with glory. Happy landings Rafale leader: Wish you fair winds. Happy hunting. Over&out”.

Finally Rafale Fighters are embedded into  Indian Air Force with all the grace. Proud Moment for Nation, Historic and yes the Eagles are on hunt always. 

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