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On May 12th Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing the nation coined the term ‘Aatma Nirbhar Bharath’ which means Self Reliant India. The term Aatma Nirbhar may sound new but the voice for Swadeshi Products are dated back to 1907 when under the guidance of Bal Gangadhar Tilak ‘Swadeshi Movement’ was kicked off which encouraged for the consumption of local products at large. Later in 90’s Sri Rajiv Dixit started the ‘Azadi Bachchao Andolan’ to save local producers from MNC’s intervention. PM Modi’s ‘Make in India’ is also a step towards local produce and global consume.

In this mission towards Aatma Nirbhar Bharat, Yuva Brigade, an NGO situated in Bangalore under the mentorship of well known writer and speaker Sri Chakravarti Sulibele has started a website named meaning ‘from local to global.’

Glocal India was launched on July 4th by Hon Minister for Industry and Commerce for Karnataka State Sri Jagadish Shettar in a programme named ‘Fifth Pillar’ organised by Yuva Brigade.

More than 230 products have been listed in the website covering all the 30 districts of Karnataka.

What is Glocal India?

Glocal India, incepted by Yuva Brigade after Sri Narendra Modi spoke of his dream project Atmanirbhar Bharat. This is an effort to become Vocal to Local products to help them become Global. Here one can find the local productions as per its location. Also, an expert team decides the capacity of a production and helps them grow Global and we upgrade them to a global platform on our website once they are capable enough. This is only a platform for locally manufactured products and not an E-commerce. Glocal India is an effort to bridge between seller and the consumer.

What is the difference between E-Commerce websites & Glocal India?

Glocal India is not a platform for commercial activity. It does not take any commission / fixed non-refundable deposits / shares from profit from the producers to list their products. It is maintained by a NGO. Therefore, its sole purpose is to connect the right consumer to the producers and not profit oriented.Another highlight is as all the products may not be feasible to a global competition, it identifies the potential product that has a global standard to compete and promotes it too. It has a blog which suggests the famous places of Karnataka.

How does this Work?

A producer will list his product in the website. Customers who visit the website can search either Category wise or Area wise. Financial transactions or orders has been disabled. The producer would have shared his contact details and price tags with the listing which can be used by customer to order directly. The producer can directly list his products too under ‘Add Listing’ with all the required information filled.

It is a pioneer in non-commercial global level platforms to connect producer and the consumer directly.

More and More of such initiatives need to be taken by the NGO’s/citizens/Companies etc to stand SELF RELIANT

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