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Darwin theory of avatars

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Since childhood, I had been hearing that Hinduism is a most illogical religion exists in the modern world which in turn makes me feel inferior to the western worlds. Even Hollywood movies show India’s slums and jungles but ignore to get into culture aspect of the land, which again as a teenager justifies my inferiority complexion. But during the same phase I also learned about many inventions by ancient and modern people of this land, will discuss those in some other time though that definitely reduces the negative complexion. Bharat has always been a land of seekers and story-teller but around 900 years long colonization suppressed the culture of this land. Now let fast pace to present Covid Era as article is about the theory not mine.

During the lockdown in India, I have undertaken a new habit “Reading”. While reading details about Lord Vishnu’s 10 avatars, I find it in correlation with the Darwin Theory of human evolution. I wonder why it has not realized in my mind when previously I had seen an animated movie based on that, may be because of reading. There is a wide disagreement on the actual timing of the sacred text but no one can deny its existence in BCE whereas naturalist Charles Darwin life span was from 1809 to 1882. Now let me point it out step by step very briefly:

We all have heard about tridev i.e. Brahma(Creator), Vishnu(Preserver) & Shiva(Destroyer) and hence according to sacred text Lord Vishnu’s avatars also indicates the life cycle of complete human evolution.

  • Darwin Theory says that first simple being existed in the water and has grown from a small size to a bigger size and the same theory is relatable to Matsya(Fish). From a small fish to a giant fish was the first avatar of lord Vishnu. Some may argue that Manu had found the fish from the water so human had existed at that time. Frankly I am also convinced with the valid logic but we also must not forget that the evolution is explained as a story and we need some diversification to make it more relatable.             
  • According to theory, 2nd form of evolution was a reptile which start coming out of water and can exist in land and water and this relates to Kurma(Turtle). Kurma was the second avatar of lord Vishnu. There again can be a disagreement on turtle as a first reptile but I would suggest to focus on indicative meaning rather than literal meaning.
  • 3rd form of evolution was a mammal who can travel long distance on land and need legs to do it and this can be related to Varaha(Boar). Reptiles evolved into semi-amphibians and then into mammals and avatar signify the same.
  • Then come the ape signify half human & half animal and can be related to Narasimha(Man-Lion). Avatar’s has a head of a lion but body of a man which indicates the transformation from animal to human form, the idea of a pre-human without a well-developed brain. Some may argue on this using lion head instead of ape/monkey. This may be to represent avatar as King god, lion had been used by many ancient king as a symbol of power & supremacy. We also can’t ignore that this form of evolution is continued to exist till Dwapar Yug.
  • Then comes the closet form to modern human which is looks human but not achieved human height similar to Vaman(Dwarf). It indicates the complete transition into human form and the beginning of intelligence in humans.
  • Then evolution shows early humans related to Parashuram. He used to lives in the jungle same as early humans used axe as a tool/weapon.

This is an end of biological evolution and then begins the social & cultural evolution which is also shown in later avatars.

This is a small proof how western has rewritten our ancient knowledge even without giving credit to us.

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