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Combating fake news

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Even as the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus rises rapidly in the country, what’s more worrying is the rate at which fake news about the disease is being spread on WhatsApp.

Here is a list of fake news being circulated on whatsapp and other social handles.

Sonia Gandhi was a Bar Dancer

After the incident with Arnab Goswami, there are several rumours being spread claiming that former president of indian national congress was a bar dancer. This is totally fake.

She was a bar attender (one who takes orders for a drink) while studying in the university.

Also if you google search “bar girl in India”, the picture of Sonia Gandhi is shown But after proper verification, this claim is proved to be totally fake.

Ambani’s Economic crisis Message to Indians

A motivational fake message from chairman of tata group Ratan Tata was being circulated.taking that into consideration, Ratan Tata tweeted from his official twitter handle that said “This post has neither been said, nor written by me. I urge you to verify media circulated on WhatsApp and social platforms. If I have something to say, I will say it on my official channels. Hope you are safe and do take care.”

Whatsapp group admins to be arrested if spreading information about covid-19

A message is being spread rapidly on whatsapp which says “Tonight  12 (midnight) onwards Disaster Management Act has been implemented across the country. According to this update, apart from the Govt department no other citizen is allowed to post any update or share any forward related to Corona virus and it being punishable offence. 

Group Admins are requested to post the above update and inform the groups.

 Please  adhere this strictly.”

there is no provision in the Disaster Management Act that mentions that apart from government departments, no other citizen can be allowed to talk, update or share any news related to a disaster.

Hence the news being spread is fake.

Tablighi Chief Donated Rs 1 Crore to PM’s Relief Fund

A newspaper front page is being rapidly spread  on social media accounts  with the claim that Tablighi Jamaat leader Maulana Saad had donated Rs 1 crore to “PM CARES Relief Fund”.

This is fake news and No such donation to the “PMCARES FUND” has been made.

Preventing fake news :-

Don’t pay attention to reports on WhatsAapp or Facebook. Just check government Twitter accounts or official news channels and stop believing in claims made on unofficial social handles or WhatsApp group forwards.

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