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Who Is “it”?

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A normal day in any part of the world is a dream in the modern world. Sometimes intelligence agencies around the world want their country to prosper even if it demands the Chatur Ramalingam style “study yourself or don’t let others study”, which in this case turns down to don’t let others prosper.

Clear evidences have been provided how ISI tried to malign Atal Bihari Bajpayee, and we are still not sure whether we lost Dr. HJ Bhabha in an planned “accident”.


What drives it, what feeds it, what brings it to do anything the world wouldn’t want to witness? With the modern day, countries cannot have an allout war. If anyone ponders why, well no one would survive it and more so, no one can fund it.

The world saw it twice and so a proxy generation was built. Now you don’t fight, you make your opponent weak in order to avoid an injury to you. In an example, in Game of Thrones, Ramsey Snow (Bolton), defeated the Baratheons in this exact fashion.

So why am I pointing it out today?


My mother told me “visudhaiva kutumbakam”, which meant the world is a family irrespective of any difference. I had a brother, his name was George Floyd, a man murdered in cold blood due to racism, as he pleaded he couldn’t breath, but no one cared.

People, who were all same like me took to streets to protest, and I was seeing a hope that maybe, maybe my brother will have his justice, but …. then “it” came.

Dear Americans, or any human soul protesting today, you followed the right path, you had the right karma by your side, and even God would have been by your side, I am sure because he said “dharmo rakshati rakshitah”, that means, he will stand with those who stand for righteousness, but how, how did “it” enter?


I remember a few months ago when a mob illegally occupied a road and still thought they were correct, and this happened in Delhi. It was followed by riots and massacre. London saw riots a few years ago and it started similarly as a protest.

How do these protests turn into riots? Why do peaceful individuals let the rioters destroy the soul purpose of their standing? Whenever a social cause is corroded with a political motive ,”it” lurks around.

I urge all of you who were out on streets to understand that as George was our brother, so is anyone who ones a store, a car or anything, and its not ours to destroy. Please don’t let “it” disrupt everything for your country will only stand united as long as you understand that protest has nothing to do with violence.

A legal frame allows you to protest and I am sure everyone would have stood by you, but you guys failed George. Now whenever we remember him, we will also have flashbacks of the violence. I know this shouldn’t happen but you are letting “it” win.

And a few are trying to copy things in many other places. I urge all of you to be aware of these swines as they are pathetic, as they don’t stay in your country but fuel this poison from an outside safe heaven.

Black lives matter, and Martin Luther showed us the Gandhian principle to show this to the world. Please do not incite violence as “it” thrives on one simple mistake of yours.

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