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Indian education system: A major hurdle in the path of Atmanirbhar Bharat

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The term education in India is so misinterpreted that after listening to this word one can only think about a combination of 2 years of pre-elementary, 12 years of school education and 4 to 7 years of graduation and post graduation.

We could barely find a bunch of students who had never criticized this education system, otherwise almost all students had would have criticized it at least once in his school era. Yes, it’s true that Indian education system is a highly criticized education structure but what are the major flaws in it? So basically, this system is built up on a structure which is made to give a job seeker as output. It is the machine that doesn’t give gold as output when we insert potato from behind. It provides vast theoretical knowledge but lacks skill development and experiential knowledge.

It leads in creation of such an ecosystem which makes the student’s mind a well’s frog whose knowledge is confined till its well and have no idea about the infinitely large world outside that well.

There are many students who even thought beyond this system and had dreams of starting a billion dollar company but this system never taught them what’s the next step to approach towards their aim, after dreaming. Most of the time many students among those ended up by again joining the same herd of sheep.

Now, we know that in the field of electronics (especially Smartphones), China has dominated a large market in India as there are only a few alternatives of Chinese smartphones in Indian market. India, which is becoming digital at a very high pace has also decided to become self-reliant. 

If India wants to achieve dreams of both Atmanirbhar Bharat and Digital India then it requires major Indian brands in the field of electronics (especially smartphones, laptops etc.) 

It’s also a fact that the field of electronics requires great innovation and creativity, which our education system doesn’t work at.

So, I would not hesitate to say that Indian Education system is a major hurdle or obstacle in the path of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

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