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How ‘working parents’ are destroying their children’s childhood

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Money is the topmost priority of most of the people in today’s world of modernization and liberalisation. No doubt, money is important, to live, to survive it is necessary, but greed of excessive money is not. Have you ever imagined how your greed for money is destroying the childhood of your own kids?

Today everyone wants freedom, freedom from ethics, freedom from duties, freedom from parenthood, freedom from society etc. Even after all these demands of freedom situation was not such catastrophic, but unfortunately today people also want freedom from their own kids. Today a girl and a boy get married (sometimes probably not), they give birth to a baby and then they handover all the responsibilities of that baby to any babysitter, and they both start living their life as they used to live previously. They get busy in their offices, parties, shopping, traveling, enjoyment, fun etc. In short, they even forget that they have given birth to a new life and now they have some responsibilities. They would have to sacrifice there raptures and they will have to raise that kid in such a way that he could become an asset for the society. But in the name of modernization, they easily get rid of all their duties for and because of money.

A child is a gift of nature. He/She needs care, love, nourishment and most important time of his/her parents. Already in our society many children are living in orphanage and many are being raised by single parent, so if any child has the blessings of his/her mother and father then please don’t let that kid to grow in the shadow of any maid or babysitter just because of your stupid desires related to money.

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