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You cannot always just colour it

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How often have we deciphered messages through colours? Well, if I were to put all cues of non-verbal communication under one umbrella, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that colour alone does the work of numerous elements within the realm of non-verbal communication.

Our minds have been trained to believe that red signifies danger and green is synonymous with prosperity. It takes seconds to decide on a course of action if the stimulus is color-coded. However, let us not forget that if colours exist, so do shades and tints. No wonder then that appealing colour palettes are what keep the needle moving forward for textile and apparel industries.

But, unfortunately, the colour coded graded response system to track COVID-19 free zones and movement of people during lockdown is a hoax. With the draconian virus hitching rides with hosts of its choice, a single case of infection can prove to be a game-changer, thereby rendering the very idea of color-coding impractical. In other words, it is certainly not feasible to keep changing lockdown norms at the same pace as that of change in colour the status of a zone.

At best, this strategy is only temporarily bringing order to the chaos created by government’s staggered plan of exit from the lockdown. For now, the blues do not seem to end and the gut-wrenching reality is that shades of grey are indeed more than fifty!

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