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No Mr. Tharoor, wearing an Arabic attire won’t make you Arabic; however it does show the insecurity complex of Indian Muslims

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On the morning of Eid, Shashi Tharoor posted a photo of him wearing an Arabic attire to flaunt his pseudo-secular and left-liberal nature on Twitter. Though it is quite regular for political leaders to greet various communities on their festivals, this was clearly over the top and a desperate attempt to appease Muslims was noted.

The scary tendency of Indian Muslims is that despite them claiming they’re “as Indian as Hindus”, they endorse Arabic culture and traditions during festivals. While claiming that the outdated Burkha and Hijab is a “part of their culture”, they confront Hindus by claiming that Sanskrit and Indian traditions is “your”; i.e Hindu culture while Arabic culture is theirs.

Congress probably noticed this attitude of the community and tried to solidify their vote bank by licking the boots of Arabs.

It is no secret that Muslims in India consider the Arabs as their godfathers, and try to blackmail the government by threatening to spill the beans to their Arab overlords on how “Islamophobic” the Indian government is (which is indeed laughable, to say the most!).

By showing how friendly they are to the Arab culture, Congress wants to protect their once faithful vote bank that has already begun to shift its loyalty to other parties. Congress is nervously following the trend of Muslims voting for AIMIM or TMC in legislative assembly elections, due to which they’ve lost ample amounts of seats to the NDA because of the division in vote share from that community.

At a time when Hindus are awakening day by day, it would be catastrophic for the Congress to lose its primary vote-bank. Tharoor’s tweet is just the beginning of new politics of Arab flattering that the Congress is going to play.

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