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India must ask ICMR, NITI Aayog- what new science generated about COVID 19 and novel coronavirus

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Whether the coronavirus pandemic really warrants our central government to impose the nationwide lockdown or not, but Modi has shutdown India without any preparation and caring the life and livelihood of millions people and has finally resulted in total destruction of our economy. Time has come India must ask our policy makers such as ICMR, Niti Aayog, DST, DBT, CSIR etc., whether they have collected and analysed the autopsy pathology of all those Indians died of COVID19, is different or exactly the same as that of western population. It would be easy for the lazy people to say that the pathology is almost same and similar. With such reply no further job needs to be done by all those lazy people and from the perspective of discharging the duties, the question has been summarily answered. We should not let such escape because our policy makers must answer every question as justification for the lockdown and destruction of our economy.

In UK, USA and other European countries, autopsy has been done on all those who died of COVID 19 to understand the pathology in detail, at organ level with micro details. India is a vast country and many Indians have died in the past due to various ailments including lung infection, acute respiratory distress where the aetiology being virus/bacteria/fungi. India must therefore study and compare the pathology report generated from the autopsy over the patients died in the past 10 years due to similar or relatable clinical conditions with the pathology details reported by various countries out of COVID 19 patients. 

If we fail to compare, relate and study all such pathological details of all those died of COVID 19 patients in India with rest of the world, we would become like rats that simply followed the Pied Piper of Hamelin with great pride and prestige and would completely perish our scientific quest.

The communicability of novel coronavirus so far seems to agree to the global red flag. However the infectivity or pathogenicity seems to disagree in Indian context. Considering the large population in India with multi-various social-cultural-economic diversity and dense living conditions, it was assumed that India would be the worst target of novel coronavirus because the virus was reported to cause unimaginable mortality in India through several epidemiological and mathematical models. The sketching extrapolation was based on the mortality rates in US, UK, Spain, Italy etc. 

All the above countries are far developed, the hygiene and health care awareness in those countries is quite good and living conditions is also quite good but still suffered the worst from novel coronavirus and COVID 19. 

The epidemiological prediction made for India was based on what was happening in western countries.   But all such epidemiological predictions went wrong, Indians showed high resistance and invincibility to the virus and such reality has even questioned the rationale and intelligence behind nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. 

Much before the lockdown was imposed, the virus had spread to our community and that is how it looks like. The irony is that many of those who showed positive for the RNA of the virus did to develop any alarming clinical manifestations or warranted any medical attention. Any dangerous medical alarm came from the village until our health care team gone to people to catch then, test them and quarantine them like frog catcher. 

In the above scenario, the patients who died of COVID 19 in India are also likely to show a different or unique pathology at various organ levels. We must therefore study and compare the pathology of various organs in all COVID 19 patients who died through visceral examination in the background of the respective co-morbidities suffered by each of them. The above pathological details must compare with the autopsy pathology of patients died due to all the co-morbidity conditions devoid of COVID 19 to see the real difference in the pathology possibly induced by novel coronavirus. 

Then such data must be compared with global report and only then we can ascertain the real virulence of novel coronavirus in Indian population and if there is any dissent or difference from the science reported so far from various countries. ICMR, Niti Aayog and other policy makers must take the responsibility to present all such details to India.

Instead of doing what is to be done, if we keep parroting lockdown must be continue, wear mask, follow social distancing etc., are going to remain only as cursory advisory note. 

Our government showed great reflex to lockdown the country and destroy our economy, life and livelihood of millions and millions of people. Therefore we must know whether the government has same reflex to understand the virus threadbare and map each and every micro level autopsy based pathological details of all those died of COVID 19 in India.

Collecting nasal or throat swab and testing it for viral RNA by contracting such work totally to PCR machine and then push people to quarantine chamber alone should not be seen as the best measure or great job, but we must ask toughest questions to all those policy makers about what are the innovative initiatives they have taken to understand the virus, pathology and other India specific details. 

Otherwise our policy makers shall remain as white collared gentleman of leisure and will act like ‘Pope in the pulpit’. 

Each and every bureaucrat and health service expert involved in making policies and programmes for lockdown must explain what India specific data they have generated during the lockdown other than moving around in air-conditioned vehicle in the name of saving people. While saving the life of people should they also not save the economy of our country? Have they adopted the easiest and laziest option called lockdown? 

When there is not proven drug and treatment for COVID 19, what is that our medical fraternity doing to all those patients? Providing oxygen support and other services are always done by our nursing staff.  We also must ask all those fundamental questions. All these questions are extremely pertinent because the economic destruction lockdown has caused is horrendous and therefore our policy makers must have collected enormous data to explain what went right, what went wrong and where the prediction gone wrong. The pay versus payoff, even the last man in the street has the right to know because the lockdown of Modi has shaken the livelihood of even the last man in the village. 

All unemployed youths, those who lost job, those face huge debt, suffered salary cut, no income etc., must ask what our ICMR, Niti Aayog and other scientific bodies have learned for India from the virus during the lockdown? Were they sitting idle and enjoying life during lockdown because in government service they don’t have to suffer salary cut…. India must know. Our opposition parties must take all those departments into task and only then we can build at least a good future for India if not NEW INDIA.        

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