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I’ve come across a few people who are in dire need of help (specifically ration) but they are hesitating from coming forward to accept the relief material because they don’t want to get clicked. Some people and even leaders are asking them to accept the ration while posing for the pictures which, I believe, all are not taking in a good taste. For “few activists” it might be a good PHOTO-OP for their social work but, in my opinion, it should not be at the cost of hurting the sentiments or the self-esteem of those who are already troubled, are helpless and have more mouths to feed than what their material resources permit. In this process these poor people are unintentionally being reduced to objects to

“fulfill one’s own need to accomplish something”.

I would again like to stress on the word “few”. In our attempt to help those that we can in our own ways, it is our moral duty to adopt an approach which doesn’t make them feel any inferiority or shame. I do understand the bigger picture that these things probably don’t matter as long as the help is reaching them in any possible way or form, but then there is no harm in being cognizant of their perspective. It’s a long fight and all of us are in this together. Let’s keep our morale high.

On a side note, don’t go out without wearing a mask.

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