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An open letter to the Prime Minister of India

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ओम द्विवेदी
ओम द्विवेदी
Writer. Part time poet and photographer.

Respected Prime Minister,

May Shri Ram grant you immense power to fight this terrible crisis. The way you are guiding Bharat in this crisis of corona virus epidemic is certainly amazing. Not only today but we have always been following you. Ever since you were the Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat, you have received a lot of support from the public. Since 2014, this public support has turned into public mandate and Bharatvarsh has given you the privilege of becoming Prime Minister twice or as you call yourself Prime Server. It is not just public opinion but also divine blessing which is a ruler of this nation like you. After you took over as Prime Minister, the hopes of Bharat’s overall welfare increased manifold. The sleeping pride within the people woke up. Citizens of Bharat have a sense of duty towards their nation.

It is not that you have told us everything from radio or public forums, but it is a law of nature that as a king, so will his subjects. After taking the reins of this huge nation, it was decided that the time has come for the economic, social, political, diplomatic and religious uplift of Bharat. You have worked on all these fronts. Bharat’s great reputation was built all over the world. Under your leadership, there was a special social uplift of Bharat. You have started many such movements which are the carriers of social changes today. On the economic front too, after the global recession, the situation in Bharat has not deteriorated as much as other big countries of the world.

Seeing your methodology, it instills confidence in our mind that under your leadership, Bharat is safe and constantly moving forward on the path of prosperity. But there is dissatisfaction in the mind about Bharat’s religious empowerment. This dissatisfaction is based on my personal instincts and being a “Hindu” of this great nation, I have some concerns as well as hopes. We are aware that Bharat is a secular nation and the position you are in is also the highest democratic position, but still being a citizen of this nation, we have the right to speak before you. Anyway, this privilege can be obtained in front of you only because there are also such people’s representatives in Bharat, who may have to answer for twelve hours in front of the police if they ask questions. My dissatisfaction is related to the unilateral use of secularism that has forced Hindus to become second-class citizens in their own nation.

The need for stricter laws to prevent insult to the symbols, symbols and worship of Hindu Dharm:

Tolerance is a great feature of Hinduism. The Hindu has suffered terrible atrocities for centuries, but never removed from the principle of world welfare. What could be the problem with such a tolerant caste, but there is a problem and problem is with Hindus in their own country. Today, abusive comments are being made, about Hindu icons and venerated deities through social media and other means of communication. How far is this right? Is freedom of expression achieved only by killing our sentiments. Those who do this are also mostly those in whose religion the punishment of blasphemy is the death penalty. Through comedy shows and films etc. the Sanatan Dharm of Hindus is made fun of and it all comes under freedom of expression. Most people who do this call themselves atheists, but tell me what it means to be an atheist, to play with the faith of Hindus.

I am not saying that we, like Islam, should also set the death penalty for blasphemy, but there should be a provision of a stringent punishment for those who continuously abuse the religious existence of Hindus in the name of tolerance. If anyone has disagreement, then through discussion etc. they can register their disagreement and Hindutva accepts the atheist in the same way as the believer. There cannot be any other community more inclusive than Hindus. But this freedom is being wrongly taken advantage of. How long can we sit and listen to abuses about our Gods and Goddesses. In the absence of a stringent law, those doing so are constantly increasing.

There are some social workers and social media activists who bring these people to the society, complain about these abusers as per their responsibility but in the absence of strict action, these people also find themselves in a helpless state. All this should stop because our feelings also have value. You definitely can and you should because it also comes under the constitution. The rest of you also know that Hindus can never become so violent that someone should slit their throat, just because someone has said unacceptable words about their religion.

 Security and equal opportunities available to Hindus:

As you saw during the anti-Hindu riots in Delhi, how Hindus were mercilessly killed. Apart from this, the way the killings of Hindus in Bengal and Kerala also raise questions on the security laws of this nation. It is not just the case of Bengal and Kerala, but wherever a government raising the flag of secularism comes, such incidents increase with Hindus. You should stop these because the souls of Hindus also have value. We are aware that you are bound in democratic bonds, but the governments of states like Bengal and Kerala have also been elected democratically. Is it not their duty to protect all their citizens? If it is, then why not act on it even after failing in its duty?

Apart from this, I would like to draw your attention to one such concern which is for the entire Hindus. In many places across Bharat, it is seen that Hindus are being pelted with stones during festivals, processions or funeral processions through Muslim-dominated areas. Where the BJP is in government, such incidents are rarely seen and even if it happens, appropriate action is taken but in non-BJP ruled states, it is a bit difficult for the Hindus to get justice in such incidents. Now you see only in Bengal where violence continues on the occasion of Ram Navami and Mamata Banerjee’s Trinamool government is unable to do anything. In Bengal, Mamata didi has also banned Durga immersion during Muharram. Now tell me that in a nation where the population of Hindus is about 80%, if Hindus are not allowed to worship their Durga Maa, then what could be a greater injustice. Consider this and try to find legal remedies for such problems that Hindus do not consider themselves weak.

Autonomy of Hindu temples and religious institutions:

If anyone has suffered the biggest sting of political appeasement, they are Hindu temples and Hindu religious institutions. Everyone’s eyes are on the resources of these temples. Recently you saw that the Tamil Nadu government ordered to give 10 crore rupees to Hindu temples. It is a different matter that the government had to withdraw this decision under the pressure of public opinion. Apart from this, there was also a dispute over the appointment of non-Hindus by the Andhra government in the TTD i.e. Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam Board. Due to controversies, these appointments had to be canceled, but the question is why this is being done again and again. It should be closed and legislation should be enacted to ensure the autonomy of Hindu temples. When Bharat is a secular nation and mosques and churches have full autonomy, then Hindu temples should not be discriminated against.

Development of traditional knowledge and technology:

You must have seen how our city has been the most affected due to the corona virus crisis. This problem has increased even more due to the large number of migrant laborers who got stuck in panic situations. In such a situation, it becomes necessary that we now change our policy of rural development and turn our efforts towards making villages more prosperous. You understand the importance of villages in Bharat. The Mahatma Gandhi whom you consider to be your ideal, said that if the real Bharat lives in the villages, then nothing is going to be achieved by making the villages a city. We may make a smart city but if we allow the villages to remain villages, then it is good for us.

Now we have to understand that this problem of migration within Bharat is becoming increasingly difficult, so it is very important to find a solution. The solution to this problem of migration lies in the villages of Bharat. Yet Bharat’s rural economy has not reached its peak. The availability of opportunities here far exceeds our expectations. We should use our traditional knowledge, whether it is in the field of health or agriculture. Because the first need to do development work in villages is that this development should be of inclusive nature and inclusivity has been an important feature of Bharat’s traditional knowledge. You know how effective and important Ayurved is for us. Apart from this, its contribution in doubling the income of farmers also becomes important.

Ayurved is just one example, while Bharat is rich in such great traditional resources. These resources should be used for rural development. There are many benefits from this. As the migration of citizens will stop, the opportunities of earning in rural Bharat will increase and the development of agriculture called the backbone of Bharat will also be ensured.

All these concerns are not mine alone. I have met ordinary people in many cities in my personal life, have heard their interactions in trains, buses etc. Apart from this, the social media has also seen Hindus strongly supporting these demands. These are some of the rights that Hindus should get. There are some changes which are necessary for the welfare of Bharat. You are a Hindu yourself and you also have knowledge of tolerance of Hindus. But one should take advantage of this tolerance in vain and try to spread bitterness in the society, it is not acceptable.

It is known to us that taking tough decisions in this nation in terms of religion is a bit difficult but you have to take decisions. It is the duty of not only you but your entire cabinet to complete every task which is in the interest of Bharat. We are discouraged when our Human Resource Development Minister proudly says that we have not changed a page of history. While changing history is your first duty because it is not to change history but to get its old form. You also know how our history has been deceived and we do not want to give such a history to the future generation which undermines their self-esteem.

Your fight is with the leftist multi-modalities, your struggle is with the clever Congress, our enemies are inferior and low to moral values. Such a terrible war cannot be completed within the realm of religion. To win we have to be aggressive rather than defensive. The same strategy you have adopted for a lowly Pakistan, the same strategy will have to be adopted for the enemies hidden within Bharat.

In the democratic history of Bharat, you are the first person who has such a wide public support. Let history be remembered you as a nation builder, So Prime Minister of Bharat, Shri Narendra Modi! Use this huge public support and take care of the interests of Hindus and pave the way for the new creation of Bharat.

जय श्री राम।।

A common Hindu of Bharatvarsh.

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ओम द्विवेदी
ओम द्विवेदी
Writer. Part time poet and photographer.
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