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What if a virus could speak for itself

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The cute and spiky Coronavirus…err…SARS-CoV2 (I have a name!) has been the object of ridicule since everyone welcomed the onset of 2020. With an industrial output of honors conferred upon it by proponents of various schools of thought, the corona crisis has rendered all other perspectives on social interaction obsolete. Everything under the sun is now being viewed through the prism of COVID-19.

Undoubtedly, Coronavirus is a perfect example of the popular idiom which says that big things come in small packages. To me, COVID-19 is a ninja (not because it justifies the original definition of the word) because despite lacking the faculties of hearing and speech, it is so inarticulately articulate in its communication with mankind.

What if the virus were able to speak like humans? We would probably have been witnessing an entirely different version of the pandemic today (or perhaps, not a pandemic at all). After all, even the original creator would not have the intention of wreaking such havoc through his creation. Casting aside the theory of the origination of SARS-CoV2 in a research laboratory in Wuhan, it is safe to conclude that nature is perfect in its allocation of space and conditions to support the survival of its inmates. Should we disturb these settings, inmates can vent out their frustrations in various ways, pandemic being one of them.

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