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Viruses: A Socio-scientific perspective and way forward

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Vivek Tripathi
Vivek Tripathi is a national level debater, pursuing his graduation in Philosophy & Political Science. His vast interest in subjective areas includes History , Politics, IR, Literature, Psychology, Physics, Evolutionary biology, Law, and many others. He can be reached at utsav310799@gmail.com

“We are mortals, seeking the taste of immortality in the lanes of existence & consciousness”

History of the virus can be traced back to the time of evolution. Viruses are latent and inactive agent/ particle with bits of coded information and outer layer of protein, which can at any given instance may trigger and multiply causing a life-threatening disease. A virus may enter the body, infects host cell and hijack the mechanical body processes and replicate faster than anything. It may infect DNA if gets mutated with it and then becoming a part of our genome which can be inherited by successive generations.

Mutations in varied forms of species have been going on since the time of evolution causing different diseases, epidemics and pandemics. How far we have learnt from the history about Human-virus interaction? If I say with efficacy and utmost truth, then very little.

Series of virus related diseases have haunted the world for a lot many years than ghosts and satanic creatures did. In the recorded history of thousands of years, tracing most recent pandemics and epidemics is not a complex task, but very depressing one. Since consecutively 3 centuries, large scale mass epidemics/pandemics have been prevalent in a pattern.

Staring from 18th century: The Great Plague of Marseille
19th century: Cholera Outbreak
20th century: Spanish flu (most deadliest one) and now n-Covid 2019 which has endangered the life of human species in just few months.

Not withstanding with any conspiracy theory, but with scientific process of evolution, this is non-identical than any other coarse of biological events in history, as we all know. Nevertheless, what’s more important here is what this outbreak will teach us?


In the context of history and social science, new world order is known to be a drastic change in the existing order of society; politically, socially and economically. But in the realm of science, new world order means a new generation, new version of human perception, new realities, new possibilities.

If we look contextually, n-Covid19 may be a platform for this new change. Our existing tendency to overlook or ignore the scientific awareness may dilute. Being an anti-theist, not atheist, I believe that nature of survival can only be assessed through scientific means.

In the history, we have learnt how religions have overshadowed science since the Socratic and Platonic time to the present day when counties like Iran accuse Darwanian authors like Yuval Noah Harari for spreading false information that ‘Process of evolution’ is the fundamental base for rise of homo-sapiens, rather than their religious ideology of God’s creationist agenda and birth of Adam-Eve, which for sure can’t be possible without any evolutionary mechanism. 


With this current crisis, we can actually look for a way forward. We can create a new world order where physically, mentally and scientifically awakened humans will be able to resist such crisis easily, seeding from the clutches of infectants.

Ill-immuned and intoxicated awareness of life will now become futile. Humans will learn to be immuned mentally & physically against odds by leaving behind pre-conditioned mindset of prevalent awareness.
Governments have to become more aware regarding the changing dynamics of biological fluctuations, even more than changing dynamics of political/ideological differences.

Probably a new state of consciousness can emerge, where self-awareness, social conscience & spiritual transformation of humans may began.

Presumably, it can be a new dawn for the consciousness and transformation of humans where rationality and logic will supersede blind faith, and metamorphosis of humans will take place .  

Vivek Tripathi is presently studying Philosophy & Social sciences.
Disclaimer : Views are personal

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Vivek Tripathi
Vivek Tripathi is a national level debater, pursuing his graduation in Philosophy & Political Science. His vast interest in subjective areas includes History , Politics, IR, Literature, Psychology, Physics, Evolutionary biology, Law, and many others. He can be reached at utsav310799@gmail.com

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