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‘Make a life’ vs ‘make a living’- Learning it the hard way

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A minuscule being has finally taught us what it means to live in light of eternity. Times change and so do priorities. While turning sights into insights has always been emphasized upon, never before have circumstances blessed us with so much time and freedom to introspect to our heart’s content and translate stillness into a new perspective on life.

The COVID-19 outbreak has proved that big things do come in small packages. While the cooped-up citizenry is ‘busy’ figuring out ways to tip the scale in their favor, the myriad concerns that this pandemic has raised can be brought under one umbrella- ‘make a life’ vs ‘make a living’. It is sad but true that the former has come at the cost of the latter. With organizations discovering the silver lining by implementing WFH (work from home), employees seem to have found some solace in the company of their ‘home office’. But, this alone doesn’t make life simple. Uncertainty is grinning from ear to ear and nobody knows when and where they might succumb to the challenges associated with working remotely. Moreover, there are companies that are still struggling with effective switching to digital platforms, thereby having a tough time managing and monitoring the progress of their employees.

While all this is underway, people have learnt a few lessons (from what can be seen) in this lock-down period. Some are practicing mindful budgeting to stave off financial anxiety while others have learnt it the hard way that household chores are also a responsibility. All self-help books, mindfulness exercises, and healing manuals have suddenly taken a back seat as people have realized that they have no option but to be happy. 

However, it still remains to be seen what the crises of tomorrow have in store for everyone.

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