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Living through history

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I remember as a kid studying about India’s independence and mugging the various chapters during History exam. As fascinating as it was, nothing was comparable to hearing first-hand information from our grandparents. Re-living their old days, tryst with the British Raj rule, imposition of curfews, and every detail was so well covered in their own chapters, that it almost felt real.

Just like them, we also have no idea that currently, we all are living through history. For the first time the entire world is united for a common cause. This is one enemy that nobody wishes to catch, and strangely there are no weapons to kill it.

We are definitely going through unusual times; with clearly a lot of time on my hands, I couldn’t help myself pondering over a few key points that have been crossing my mind more than once:

  • There are no selfies or pictures of human beings (does not include children) on social media: at a time when we desperately need to see more of our species, they are virtually extinct! Does this mean that we only put up our pretty/dolled up faces to the world? With all the “I nominate you” nonsense on social media, if I nominate people to post a selfie of their current face, will it be a trend? Or will I be the only ugly person trending?
  • Cost saving at its best: even before this pandemic, a lot of countries were going through recession. Fancy research analysts were hired by one and all to recommend their cost saving ideas. Some implemented, but mostly snubbed. This pandemic, on the other hand, has taught us how we can survive in the most minimalistic ways. LOVE the fact that-
    • Video conferencing is the new normal
    • Every meeting didn’t have to be attended physically. Being there virtually is enough
    • Bonus of reducing fuel, time, money and pollution. Top 4 things that Delhites cribbed about in 2019
  • All our friends and family were secret chefs who had been hiding because their restaurant didn’t get that one extra Michelin star
  • Our children didn’t need to travel and attend those gazillion of classes. There are plenty of DIY ideas on youtube / internet and around the house to keep them busy and learn at the same time.
  • I was totally wasting time and money on my workouts. There are abundant workout videos available online which are as effective as any other
  • Doing cardio / warm up with my kids while using wine bottles/soup cans/water bottles as weights has never been more fun
  • Indians take things to another level. People are getting drunk attending several house parties on House Party.
  • You need to invest in top notch Internet service (all the above are null and void if this doesn’t exist)
  • You only need 2 track pants, 3 tops, one pair of running shoes and slippers each. All other things you own in your closet are meaningless.

As I write this post, I am fiercely reminded every day that most of the valuables in my wardrobe are simply sitting pretty locked up inside having no value at the moment. The beautiful jewelry, to the pretty handbags and sexy stilettoes, to even the 3 tops I proudly purchased from Zara sale, are all lying with their heads hung low and dust covering them sooner or later. I was addicted to online shopping and would eagerly await my couriers coming in. Now, each night I eagerly await to read the next chapter from my collection of books, of which I recently wiped off the dust. Or a glass of wine (or whatever alcohol is available at this point in time).

All the expensive skin care routine I had invested in was all a farce. Apparently no pollution, no stress and ample amount of sleep works brilliantly! I look forward to the beautiful smell of fruits and pretty colors of flowers every morning.

I adore the fact that other species are coming out of their tiny homes because we humans had clearly invaded every inch of this planet. When I think about what is the biggest take away I have learnt from this pandemic, it would be coexistence. No I do not mean coexisting with my children, husband and in laws (I’ll save that for the next blog) but just reminding ourselves that this planet does not only belong to human beings.

It is important to take a moment to think about your biggest take away and make sure to pen it down! For it’ll make a rather interesting story for your grandchildren to hear it first hand, than from their History textbooks.

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