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Is the Govt doing enough for us or has it let us down in these challenging times?

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The crisis that is unfolding in other parts of the world is similar in every aspect to what is happening here in India. So it’s for the Indian government to further step-up the measures taken to avoid the spread of the virus, particularly so when reports of transmission of the virus within the community have begun figuring across the web. Moreover, the union health ministry’s attempt at dodging the question of India having entered the stage of community transmission, as indicated by a document on SOP for transporting a COVID-19 case released by them, raised concerns regarding the intent of the government in bringing out the actual data and accurate figures amongst the public. Fair enough, more so when accountability on both sides- by the government and public alike, is of prime importance and a life-saving factor considering the urgency of the matter.

So, we as responsible citizens have a greater role to play in these critical times. Unless people aren’t willing to cooperate with their governments no degree of responsiveness from the authorities will help them mitigate the difficulties at hand. Unfortunately, the government seems to be responding to the exigencies of the situation at a leisurely pace, especially in the hinterlands of the country as also in the suburban areas. It doesn’t seem to be mindful of the fact that not just the under-privileged section of our society but sadly even the educated ones, at least a few of them, are shamelessly disregarding the guidelines given by the authorities as a measure to contain the outbreak. 

People have been continuously raising concerns about the state of local vegetable markets and grocery stores. The government doesn’t quite seem to be paying heed to the matter. Even though some administrations have been doing a terrific job by temporarily shifting the mandis that have been concentrated at smaller and closed spaces to larger ones, like in places such as stadiums, and by marking out spots for people to stand while they wait for their turn at the grocery store- these being done in addition to keeping up with the hygiene measures being implemented, a majority of mandis can still be seen operating at confined spaces, especially in suburban areas, where lack of hygiene is a matter of grave concern for the authorities in attempting to contain the spread. 

Modi government was anyway seen as an authoritative regime, being capable of managing the crisis using draconian measures if the situation so demanded, but the apparent failure on their part to take a stiff action at an earlier stage against the impending dangers of contracting the virus has proven to be no less than cataclysmic in nature and extent. But does the problem also lie in the fact that health is fundamentally a state issue even though discussions of bringing it under the concurrent list have begun taking place? But then, this proposition doesn’t quite seem to hold ground. Evidently so when our state governments have been equally pathetic at handling the situation, except a few states like Kerela and even UP to an extent. Kudos guys. Good job.

But I don’t think so our healthcare infrastructure is well-equipped to handle a crisis like the one we are facing today. Major emphasis must be laid on the state of the public healthcare system in India considering the fact that a vast majority of our population still can not afford a treatment at a private hospital. So a vast part of our population has been left vulnerable at the hands of our decaying PHS. Hence, it is high time we start focusing more on concentrating our resources towards building well-equipped hospitals at taluk and district levels rather than coming up with more ‘world-class’ hospitals in cities. 

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