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Fighting the unseen

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Biological brains rooting to microbiology topics Voicing for righteousness makes my life worth living with head held high and mind devoid of junk obsolete files.

The acute situation of COVID-19 in the country has led to a panic situation like never before. Death tolls mounting everyday and gradually the entire planet getting into the complex viral trap at an alarming rate. Every now and then there are updates concerning the new preventive measures taken by the government to tackle the global disaster.India being one of the most populated countries is thought to be at high risk of falling into the virus attack easily if not controlled tactfully. The media shouting regarding the important measures to be taken by general public to ensure no possible community spread. News bulletin rolling at the bottom of the TV screens updating details regarding the mortality on a daily basis. States being locked down and civilian movement coming to a standstill.

Some very pertinent questions that are hammering my mind at this critical point are:
Why is the government forced to impose stringent rules to cease people coming out of homes despite repeated requests? Why don’t people understand the gravity of this pandemic despite of multiple awareness campaigns happening all over? Why is it like a certain mass of intelligentsia and educated also behaving ignorant? There may be multiple answers coming out from different corners of head from every one. As a scientific person I have a very concrete answer to all these.

My analysis may be partial but can’t be ignored. They say we are fighting a battle against the unseen. Yes the unseen have become so powerful today that it has taken the entire planet to a storm and stalled our lives. Unseen or microscopic are these organisms which are studied in the subject microbiology. A subject which has remained underneath since year and failed to get it’s space rightly. There can’t be a better time than this to voice opinion on this topic.

Microbes have a big influence in our lives. But since they can’t be seen with blind eye, their presence is not given importance. Teddie.O.Rahube once rightly said, “Always trust a microbiologist because they have the best chance to predict when the world will end”. Doctors are definitely the frontline warriers but a microbiology researcher is the real backbone of medical world. These backbones have definitely been in backseat since they have never been recognised and praised to an extent that a young lad out of college would enthusiastically opt for this subject for making a profession.

Its high time we understand the potential of these unseen bugs and recognise the contribution of those working all day and night hunting for new molecules for protection against these bugs who are immensely powerful and have emerged as dangerous biothreats. These unseen bioterrorists are no way less hazardous than nuclear weapons. So, a thorough knowledge of the microbial world is definitely a necessity to save the planet from facing multiple pandemics in the near future. This would require a rigorous awareness among the individuals regarding the importance of microbes in our lives and microbiology as a professional subject. Work towards popularization of the subject at government level by increasing research fundings and generating employment opportunities would definitely be a big move to make the subject more relevant.

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Biological brains rooting to microbiology topics Voicing for righteousness makes my life worth living with head held high and mind devoid of junk obsolete files.
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