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Fighting Covid-19 requires collective effort: Nayati Medicity doctor

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Dr. Harbhajan Saini, Director of Anesthesia & OT Management at Nayati Medicity, Mathura, discusses the steps that can be taken to control the Covid-19 outbreak  

These are unprecedented times, entire globe and humanity is going through a crisis, India is no exception. This may sound as once in a lifetime event but it is not going to be the first not the last. In the past we have faced similar epidemics but not at a similar scale, Nipah epidemic of 1998 or Indian Swine Flu of 2015 are examples. We have dealt with epidemics in the past and no doubt we will sail through this one too. Managing this epidemic (now declared Pandemic) will teach us many lessons that will help us deal with such events lot more efficiently and effectively. As anaesthetist/anaesthesiologist we have significant part to play and we should take pride in how significant our contribution is going to be in this crisis.

When we learn to walk it is inevitable to fall, collectively we are on a long journey never undertaken before and with no definitive ETA (expected time of Arrival) or the final destination. Coronavirus is making us learn many new lessons that we should have learned long ago. After the initial fall we should bounce back and that would be our ultimate victory and solace.

Every problem is an opportunity to move out of comfort zone to grow and find newer solutions and technology that have never been thought of.

This is an opportunity for every individual, society, every organisation and every government to walk an extra mile. DESPERATE SITUATIONS DEMAND DESPERATE AND WELL STRUCTURED MEASURES EFFECTIVELY DELIVERED on ground.

Let us remember that WE ARE AT WAR. We are at war with a difference that we have an invincible enemy and absolutely silent weapons in action be it social distancing and enforced lockdown.

It is time we rethink what can be done by us to make sure the history is shaped appropriately and we are proud as an individual, society and as a nation.


1. Be indoors. Use this opportunity to get better physically, mentally and spiritually.

2. Be disciplined. Follow standing instructions to be indoors. When out for shopping, maintain social distance and help others do the same.

3. Work from home if possible.

4. Be honest and self-report if you have been to high risk area or have symptoms suggestive of flu.

5. Although you are home you are not on leave and think how you can contribute to the working of the organisation that has given you employment. There is always a way out if you have a will.

6. Not to forward unverified messages on social media. Repetition causes media fatigue and it is counterproductive.


1. Everybody should start working to be self -dependent. There is no one to wash your dishes, clothes or your cars anymore. None should depend on domestic help. All the domestic assistance is under lockdown. Encourage them to stay away from you. Pay them their salaries even if they are not working for you during this period. This is a service to mankind.

2. Everybody should help their immediate neighbours (with appropriate social distancing and hand hygiene) in carrying on with daily activities of life. It can be anything, smallest of deeds can make a big difference.

No healthcare worker should be harassed. In fact when they are working in hospital and are in forced isolation subsequently, their families should be looked after by neighbours and the organisation providing employment.


The soldiers in this war are the Healthcare Workers, those involved in providing essential supplies and those involved in maintaining law and order. These people need protection from the epidemic and it is important that they are provided personal protective equipment (PPE), which should be in abundance at all times.

1.The government should declare a state of NATIONAL EMERGENCY.

All the government machinery should be redirected towards maintaining law and order, security and essential supplies.

2.The military and paramilitary forces should be called into action. No one can enforce discipline the way they do it.

3.There should be one command centre at the Parliament and all state CMs should start taking direct orders from Central command force.

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