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Coronavirus vaccine on sale on Dark Web

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sadiq khan
sadiq khan
Keeping Eye on the Tech World.

Coronavirus has become a nightmare of the whole world. Black Hat Hackers on the other side on dark web are selling the coronavirus vaccine and Hydroxychloroquine medicines on the Drug or chemical selling websites. Cybersecurity Analyst ( reported that Dark web eCommerce vendors ensure its clients that drugs and chemicals are free from any virus and ensure the delivery.

In the situation where the toilet papers or mask were out of the stock, researcher find dark web websites were claiming for delivery of the mask or toilet papers from the drugs prone eCommerce websites.

Some vendors of the Empire Market which is one of the major platforms for the customer to order the drugs or chemicals claim to deliver anti corona drug. While Empire Market administrators called it a scam. There are around 2000 phishing attempts in the name of the coronavirus.

Users are requested not to click on any random links forwarded by anyone, as these links malicious for hijacking your device or data. Coronavirus is trending keyword where users usually click that’s why hackers are using this campaign to hack people for ransomware or sell the data over the dark web.

Coronavirus seems to be business for the hackers on the dark web or surface web. Dark web which is accessed by the specific browser only named as Tor Browser. We cannot access the dark web websites on the surface internet normally.

Dark web is majorly avoided by the people to avoid any type hack or get arrested. There are several Cybersecurity specialist who are working with the government to clear dark web from illegal business. They are spying on the dark web and for beginners into dark web can easily make a mistake which can land him behind the bar even if he or she innocent .

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sadiq khan
sadiq khan
Keeping Eye on the Tech World.
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