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Challenges from corona are endless

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Blame it on Coronavirus or China, if anyone on earth is facing troubles today, it is common man or aam aadmi as we call it. It is an irony that people are used to seeing people at cafes, malls and multiplexes, but not at home. To add to the woes, people have started assuming that because you are at home and for some reason you haven’t been assigned too much work by your supervisor, your employment is at stake. Hobby is not something that Indian society encourages you to pursue if you are otherwise devoid of workload.

The moment you start taking interest in something outside your scope of work, you are termed as an insincere individual who has a lackadaisical approach towards life and who only wants enjoyment in everything. Most dreams are shattered even before they are conceived because few people have the time or courage pursue their passion. Somehow, we have been blessed with time thanks to the cute and spiky virus. But, where from can one summon the courage?

If you fall under the age bracket of 26-40, things are even worse as the word ‘responsibility’ is first whispered in your ears, then fixated in your mind, and by the time you are 35 or above, your entire life starts revolving around this one word. No wonder, social media is flooded these days with ads of webinars that are introducing people to courses that can make them digital leaders. Almost every course claims to empower people to turn their passion into business and make fast bucks.

I simply wonder how much freedom do people have to do so. What if you are cooped-up (which you actually are), working on your laptop trying to figure out what direction to give to your passion, and someone enters in your room, peeps into your laptop, and then passes sarcastic remarks saying that ye passion vassion sab bakwas hai. lagta hai company vale kaam pe rakhna nahi chaah rahe hain. isliye tumko free rakha hua hai.

Every move of yours is scrutinized and commented upon making you realize that if you were either a doctor or in the police force, you would not be sitting at home today. Truth, as they always say, is bitter. Its bitter in both ways. You simply cant ignore this fact because it is true. You also cannot ignore the fact that you chose a job that you loved and you landing in this conundrum has nothing to do with it.

To wrap up the discussion, I would simply say that situations are meant to be faced as they are and not as you want them to be.

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