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Satyagraha in ISIS style

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It has been 72 years since India got independence but Delhi riots has shown us what was it like to live during those communal charged atmosphere of 1947 India. From poisonous speech of young comrades of JNU to Jihadis propagating violence under the garb of democracy, all this clearly indicates that they are fed up with this idea of India.

Coming to Delhi riots now as a common man through my lenses I see it as a blackmail to Indian government machinery this violence that started as a sign of protest against CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) was not a protest but a message to all that we will run this country according to our needs and you all have to oblige our wish. None of us could imagine with how much cruelty did the rioters killed Ankit Sharma an IB officer, 400 stab wounds. We have seen ISIS like beheadings but never thought that it would come to our doorsteps.

On reasoning with intellectual on this attitude of Islam they quickly reciprocate that other side are equally responsible. I think it is high time for India to shed the secular load which is only resulting in the carnage of majority community. From refraining to chant Vande Matram to blocking roads all these are clear indication that their demand is something bigger than just exercising their rights they are trying to create an Islamic revolution in India by showing their strength while all of us are cheering them as sign of healthy democracy and fake liberal communists are rejoicing that women are breaking the chains of patriarchy. It has been rightly said by our Prime Minister that it is not a protest but an experiment of theocracy combined with socialism and the mixture is dangerous this same type of protest happened in Iran. and in 1947 for separate nation on the basis of religion.

When ISIS was strong in Syria everyday foreign media showed their brutal killing and assassination, this Islamic radical organisation clearly showed the world that if its not happening near you don’t think it is not happening and Delhi riots clearly spreads this message.

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