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Let’s convert this adversity into opportunity!

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Similar to the current measures being taken during the current Corona Virus Pandemic, in 1665 Cambridge University temporarily closed due to Bubonic Plague. Sir Isaac Newton had to work from home and he used this downtime to come up with calculus and theory of gravity. So hard times are great opportunities for growth. While others panic and follow the non-stop noise, lets see what we can do to make use of this situation.

This situation is unprecedented, and people are forced to be in self-quarantine, work from home. What can we do to make this situation best time for our learning and growth? Here’s what I believe we can do as a community to impact our lives and turn this fear and paranoia into a blessing for our lives

1. Do not binge on sensationalism: Stop subscribing to all the paranoia being generated. Let’s stop bingeing on sensationalism, just stay aware and follow the protocols. Do not pay heed to endless WhatsApp messages, and do not participate in forwarding further.

2. Use downtime to learn new skills: With isolation and self-quarantine, there’s so much we can do to learn online. Revisit your long pending to-do lists of stuff you’ve putting aside for years, learn a new language, develop a new skill, polish your communication skills, pick-up a online course, read a new book. Learn how to impact and teach people with your knowledge. 

3. Reflect within and introspect: When you have this precious opportunity at hand, use it well. Pause and introspect – What do I want from this life? Have I started working in that direction, if yes use this opportunity to accelerate, if not, this is a perfect time for starting that journey? 

4. Re-define priorities in life: Have you been missing out on those deep & meaningful conversations with your parents, spouse or kids. You have been busy with daily grind. Reset your priorities, create those meaningful connections now.


5. What’s your ultimate vision for future? If you haven’t thought about it, do it right now. Contemplate and write down your goals for your life. Think about what you want to achieve in life, but have been putting off. Be specific, create actions steps and start now.

6. Search for your purpose in life: If you are clear on your life’s purpose, the reason for your existence on this planet, every moment is spent in working towards realizing that purpose. When someone is working towards their purpose, it’s the happiest state of mind, and happy minds are in highest state of bodily immunity. No virus can affect you when you are in this state of mind.

7. Avoid Stress: I’ve seen many of my friends complaining of stress, anxiety and even to the extent of having panic attacks on account of social distancing. It’s not so easy for everyone. If you create a small vision for this downtime, create micro-goals and stay in constant action through technology and internet, you can avoid anxiety and stress. Stay in action, achieve something worthwhile, and this can turn out to be a rewarding time.


And lastly, I believe we have been taking too much from planet earth, more than our needs. Let’s shift to minimalism and learn to peacefully co-exist with other species.

I truly believe that this whole global scenario playing out this way is nature’s way of hitting the reset button to remind us of the greatest gift we have called LIFE.

Let’s make it purposeful, create a new identity to fulfill this purpose.

RINKU SAWHNEY, Personal Excellence and Mind-shift Coach: Author of “My Life I Decide: 19 thought-provoking ideas to change your life”

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