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Is WHO’s credibility at stake?

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The International Organisations made just after the second world war played a really significant role in maintaining peace and directing the new democracies towards development and helped them to improve their facilities,services etc.

One of these is WHO: WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION which was formed on 7 April 1948 responsible for international public health. UN organisations like WHO have seen many eras and changing scenario of world politics.Once the world was Unipolar, then during Cold War Era it became Bipolar and now its a Multipolar world. As the time passed the politics also became prevalent in these institutions , countries like America, China now have a lot of votes and say in these organisations. Now the decades old structure of these organisations don’t seem working anymore.

The present situation of Covid-19 around the world proved that the organisations like WHO are just for show and their system don’t work that much effective as it should.

The present Director Gen. of WHO Tedros Adhanom who is known to have good ties with China handled the Covid-19 situation in the most ineffective manner. On 14January 2020 to give China a cleanchit he said that the research is not showing that the coronavirus spreads from person to person. WHO even declared COVID-19 a Pandemic on 14 March 2020 (so LATE obviously) which shows the sluggish and feckless nature of these institutions. These actions show they aren’t ready to take the bull by the horns.

The basic structure of these international organisations really needs to be changed.These organisations which claim to be the well-wisher of every country seem failing miserably.

The time has come for the modern world to stop their petty international politics and come together for the betterment of humanity.

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