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Corona – EU syndrome versus economic loss, Govt. must save people with hefty economic package

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The fear over Corona –COVID19 is whether real or highly exaggerated is not the theme of this article but the writing on the wall is quite clear that India has reasonably infected with European syndrome in dealing public health issues. The intent of the government may be good but the question is all about the methodologies and what harm it can make. 

We say India is diverse, multi-religious, multi faith, multi-cultural, multi-linguistic, multi-politic, federal governance system where large proportion of people are poor, uneducated, does not have great awareness about health and hygiene, does not have proper sanitation facility, drinking water, power supply, cooking gas connection, bank account (until 2014). 

That was the India under the Congress party that follows nothing but dynastic politics and corruption. If we think the above description suites India more than 100%, we also must remember about something else that is unique to India and that differentiates Indians from the rest to a larger extent; that is our INHERENT IMMUNITY’ to resist many diseases as well as our obsession to depart from various neglected, third world diseases. 

When WHO, US and EU pressed the alarm bell about Corona epidemic and the possibility of it reaching pandemic proportion, certainly India has to respond and India under Narendra Modi has responded very well.  Subsequently all measures required to prevent the spread of the virus in the community were taken and the government has started to identify and quarantine all suspected and positive cases of Corona. Public awareness and increasing the capability building in hospitals to mitigate the challenge also has been started to happen in full swing across India.    

Preparedness and capability building to truncate the Corona challenge is fine, but the exaggerated sensitization and lockdown without considering the loss of trade and livelihood of many even in the name of preventive measures needs to be reviewed and done accordingly. 

We must ask prudently how many people who have shown positive for corona manifests all signs and symptoms of the disease and have died to arrive reasonably how our herd or inherent immunity is helping us to deal corona. 


Demonetization, hurriedly implemented GST and now the Corona lockdown may not just cripple our economy and small trades but may even kill us permanently. Loss of wage and loss of income of small traders are already killing their family and for such poor people corona is likely to make no impact. The issue that we face in India due to corona must be dealt both microbiologically and humanely. 

We need to be cruel towards Corona and at the same time also must be humane towards small traders and manufacturers who are likely to lose their livelihood and life due to corona lockdown. 

Government must offer hefty economic package to keep the life and enthusiasm of small traders and manufacturers. Interest free bank loans with prolonged repayment period, complete tax and GST waiver for 3-6 months, free supply of all essential commodities to the families, free supply of cooking gas, electricity etc., must be provided. Slowly curbs and lockdown must be removed so that people also breathe life easily and not get lockdown in captivity due to corona. 


European syndrome or fear before we develop we must also check whether our inherent immunity can sufficiently deal the hazard. All preventive and protective measures must be taken keeping in mind the livelihood importance of the last man in the street. 

The irresponsible politics of several opposition parties in India, predominantly by Indian National Congress and its dynast leader Raghul Gandhi also must be blamed because their irresponsible politics also warrant such response from the government. When the lockdown is called for, opposition demands prolonged lockdown and when the situation improves, the same opposition also would demand the government’s justification for the lockdown because how such lockdown has impoverished India’s economy. 

Giving no room for anyone to play politics, government must announce several economic package to all Indians and even if such gesture cause serious fiscal deficit to our country. When we love India, it is the Indians that we refer through such reference of India and hence India’s government must stand with Indians to protect them from the assault of corona lockdown and Corona infection.       

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