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From hate Brahmin politics to prostrate before Brahmin destiny of DMK

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DMK ever since it was formed used to claim that only ideology and mission of DMK is social justice and annul Brahmin-ism in TN. It had promoted Tamil superiority, opposed Hindi, Hindus, Hindu Gods, North Indians etc.

The Brahmin hatred of DMK is well known and even today the party promotes hate Brahmin slogan because the core anchoring point of DMK is negative politics and hatred.

Shri. Ravindran Duraisamy was the first person in the state to expose the farcical political ideology of DMK and how the party has promoted family politics and neglected the interest of the state.


It was MGR and Amma J Jayalalithaa who saved the state from brainwashing politics of DMK and had there been no MGR or Amma, the state would have been like how people of North Korea are brainwashed over several centuries by the ruler family. DMK has cleverly used Drawidian myth, Aryan migration theory, hate Brahmin political rhetoric to imprison the independent thinking of people of Tamil Nadu. The party used to organize several events in the name of Tamil manadu in the past and used to invite several speakers just to praise its patriarch, his glory, scholarship and governance.

DMK has very ugly history and hypocrisy that would show how the party has betrayed all its principles (when DMK had any principles) just to come to power. Way back in late 1960’s the then party patriarch surrendered all its principles and reduced itself as an ‘office boy’ of Indira Gandhi, a Brahmin women and praised her so high and defeated Kamarajar. In fact Kamarajar was belonging to a socially deprived class- Nadar community and a true Tamilan. But DMK chose to seek asylum from a Brahmin and defeated a Tamil leader; ironically DMK always claim that it exist only for Tamil cause and nothing else.

The same DMK under its present dynast head, promoted the grandson of Indira Gandhi, the great dynast in Indian politics – Raghul Gandhi as Prime Minister Face in 2019 in order to mobilize the minority vote. It was quite natural a dynast in all probability would support only another dynast.


It means, to begin its early innings way back in late 1960’s till 2019, DMK wants to import the help of either Indira Gandhi or her grandson Raghul Gandhi. In true sense, neither the ideology nor its Tamil appeal had helped DMK to win elections.  Besides that, DMK also perfected the art of freebies and cash for vote formula in the state.

The forthcoming assembly election in 2021 has started to rattle the DMK. After the demise of Amma Jayalalithaa, EPS took some time to fit into her shoes and slowly consolidated the vision and mission of Amma and brought back the glory and greatness of AIADMK. Today AIADMK is strong and EPS is seen as one of the best Chief Ministers of the state like MGR, Amma and late Kamarajar.

It looks like DMK has realized the bitter truth that the party is shrinking under its present dynast leader by proving the great saying that none can succeed long through lies and hate politics. Perhaps DMK would have realized that neither the Gandhi pariwar nor minority appeasement and hate mongering is going to help DMK in 2021 assembly election and it again needs a Brahmin – Prashant Kishore from Bihar to win election.


Look at the ungraceful fall of DMK under its dynast leader. All along it had been opposing North Indians, Hindi language and Brahmins but now it had surrendered all its principles and prostrated before a Hindi speaking North Indian Brahmin. This change is quite welcome because at least now DMK has realized that by hating and abusing Brahmins, it cannot survive even politically and it need the intellect of Brahmin to win election.

Only with the help of imported leaders from North India, DMK has survived all through these days. The question before the people of the state is how its ideological parent – Dravidar kazhagam (DK) is going to see the sudden change of heart of the dynast of DMK?

Victory, power and family and other than that nothing else is important for DMK.

It may be also possible that Stalin and his family may not want to win through its party people because such situation may sometime pose challenge to Stalin or his son because both of them lack leadership quality, charisma and oratorical skills and hence wants the party to be handled like a corporate where father, son, son-in-law and may be other close relatives shall be in the helm of affairs and rest of the party people are mere employees. Based on the loyalty of party men to the family, different positions either in party or in government may be given if DMK ever wins in future.

Brahmins have lots to feel happy and proud of the change in DMK which all through the years have been abusing and hating Brahmins, Hindi and North Indians but now has fallen flat before a Brahmin who is also a Hindi speaking North Indian.

People of Tamil Nadu must defeat DMK and only then the soul and heart of Tamil heritage, culture and spirit can be regained. Dynastic politics and corruption are really killing the state.


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