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Why Amit Shah/Modi/BJP’s Citizenship Amendment Act on religious lines is right and USCIRF’s view wrong

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Indian Home Minister passed the Citizenship Amendment Bill through both houses of parliament and made it a CAA. This made it easier for the persecuted religious minorities from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan to get Indian citizenship.

Yes, Egypt and Iran were made Islamic countries few years after their conquest; yet baffling Islamists India has remained a Hindu majority country. The country, however, had to pay a heavy price for it. It suffered the worst genocide of Hindus, rapes of their women and destructions of many temples – of which one has only recently been regained using law. Having gone through the convulsions of religious killings during the disorganized and hurried partition of the motherland into Hindu India and Muslim Pakistan by the then Congress leaders, Indians are wary of religious tensions.Although nowhere near the burnings during the violent vivisection of their country, with the state calling its army in Guwahati, India’s North East was seen burning, when parliamentarians in Delhi were debating. Suddenly, while almost by magic few university students started a violent agitation in the land of Gandhi; as if ‘workers of the world unite’ was at work even some far away American universities showered Twitter support. With such unison for Muslims thus displayed, even Islamophobes looked confused. Strangely, however, going deeper, the inciting cause seems to be none other than compassion – or more precisely compassion gone wrong.

Although still in overall majority, with the aggressive fraudulent Christian missionary conversions showing a steep rise of Christians and even making the rest a minority in its NE, and population boom and conversion aiding the rise of Muslims in India, Hindus fear of being a minority in their own land in the coming times.

In addition, the country not only suffered an unhindered economic migration from Bangladesh that caused agitations in its state of Assam, it noticed that some state governments themselves were aiding migration for vote bank politics. Thus, they feel that if it is allowed unchecked, while not only ‘India is secular because of Hinduism’ will not remain, almost following the principle ‘In polytheism gods clash men don’t; in monotheism men clash God doesn’t’ the two aggressive monotheistic creeds may not spare one another — like in Nigeria — in this highly religious country. With the first vivisection being brought about by, ‘we cannot live with the Hindus’, Indians fear a 2nd vivisection on similar lines. Before that their fear of a clash for resources or an intra-faith sectarian clash through transfer of Pakistani emotions is not without substance. With their fear of becoming minority in their own land being reinforced by the site of their coreligionists leaving such areas, Hindus worry that they don’t have any other country to go to when needed.

With them unable to do what China does to control its population, and their country rapidly closing the population gap with China, Indians are more worried about imbibing large group of additional people.

Those fears aside; almost like Jesus’flesh for Christians in Eucharist, as brethren Hindus have their‘flesh’ in those countries as minorities. Although not quite like the earlier genocides, exploitation of minorities in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan have been inhuman. They include gang rapes especially of Hindu girls, forceful conversions; demolition of places of worship, non-use of them used utensils, false accusation of blasphemy, selling of Christian girls to the Chinese as slaves & humiliation. Surprisingly, however, far from being an act of criminals, while a fear of Mullah’s fatwa silences the concerned police or good men on the rape and forceful conversions of girls to Islam, government agencies themselves are seen demolishing temples and churches. Let alone the ordinary folks; despite being Western educated and the highest justice giver of the land, the Chief Justice in Pakistan traces Islam rather than modern human rights and denies a forcefully converted Hindu girl the basic right to reconvert back to her faith! This plight is felt by all religious minorities in those countries and is disconcerting to the whole of humanity.

Unlike prosperity of Indian Muslims even as minorities, life being intolerable and having gross reduction in their supporting community numbers, many of them have taken huge risks and migrated to India with the saying ‘never want to go back.’ The pain is clearly disheartening but while the deafening silence of the local and the global media made them voiceless and their prolonged suffering is still going on, the promise of the then Congress Party leaders like Gandhi, Nehru and M Singh had to wait for the BJP to finally make those promises true. And yet disrespecting their own leaders, Congress Party criticizes the CAA!! The joyful street dances of the pleased persecuted people, however, actually give pleasure to all.

Although the government is told to trace its secularism, India attempts to treat all citizens well not through secularism, as is said, but through pluralism, which is the ethos of the vivisected India. In fact, the word secularism that got added to the constitution through trickery during the dark days of its emergency actually favors atheists, which in turn is not what the constitution asks for. For the aware, it is haram in Islam too, as godlessness always is. Even then, if ‘India is secular because of Hinduism’ is taken as a view, the CAA will save; not destroy India – as is said. If on the other hand, Muslim majority is given a free way, the Christians, who criticize the CAA, despite it giving a new lease of life to their persecuted brethren fleeing Pakistan today, may themselves become uncomfortable in the future. Despite Assam clearly airing the feared scenario, which incidentally can be solved by cash infusion and burden dilution, opposing students still don’t seem to get the lesson.

Why Bring in Religion?

If minorities in the neighboring countries lived happily, there would be no need for this act. Since the persecuted people were oppressed by virtue of them being non-Muslims minorities the CAA had to be about religion. That answers, ‘why bring in religion?’ The important thing is despite being seen as a right-wing Hindu nationalist party, parallel to its pluralism offered compassion, BJP’s CAA does not focus on Hindus alone – not even on Indic religions. It even includes persecuted Christians! Yes, with there being many powerful Christian countries, the troubled Christians could go to those countries as brethren. But curiously, probably because of the often talked about Islamist-globalist nexus the expected ‘Christian ummah’ globally has not helped to alleviate their plight. And when its ‘local ummah’ is vying for an anti Hindu tirade, despite BJP’s magnanimity airing noble effort to alleviate their plight at last, showing no feelings for the persecuted Christians the ‘local ummah’ still opposes the CAA! But then, at least the persecuted Christians are happy with the ‘fascist’ right wing anti minority government! Interestingly, unlike Islamophobia, which gets a global protection, Hinduphobia finds no takers; and in these globe Hindus have no other place to go either.

But Why Not Muslims?

Although Islam seeks Ummah, not nation, not Christians but Muslims of all sects voted and chose to live amongst Muslims in Pakistan with the guiding principle, ‘We can’t live with the Hindus.’

These countries not only have Sunni majority, but almost reflecting ‘dar al-Islam’ they have declared themselves as Islamic countries, where overall guidance of rule is Islam. That is why despite being a western educated and the highest justice giver in the land, Pakistani Chief Justice denies reconversion of a forcefully converted Hindu girl. Also, blasphemy law is still practiced. In fact, since, these are declared Islamic states — a la dar al-Islam the support of Muslim migration to dar al-harb could amount to disrespect to Islam itself — if not a straightforward Islamophobia.

Irrespective of that, the CAA isn’t about Muslims of all countries to justify the question ‘why no Muslim.’ It only includes the vivisected countries e.g. Bangladesh and Pakistan, and by extension Afghanistan – where people of India related faiths are persecuted as minorities. The key word here is ‘persecuted minorities’, nothing else.

The Shias:

Yes Shia Muslims are often killed in Sunni bombings and one could argue their inclusion in the list. But, like earlier routine Hindu Muslim clashes in India yet unlike the exploited non-Muslim minorities in those countries, they fight back too. Since they are seen as non-Muslims or bad Muslims by Sunnis, the problem is theological and can be solved theologically. Thus, in their case citing theological differences, whole sect could claim ‘persecuted minority.’ With it fearing demographic change, repeat of earlier routine clashes, and even a 2nd vivisection of the motherland and a history of Indira Gandhi even rejecting the incorporation of Bangladesh in 1971 (opposing Congress Party should know this), India may not feel comfortable with the influx of Shias. With the theology not limited to ‘Pakistani Sunnis’ but extending to Indian Sunnis that even has transpired some to find solace in peaceful Hindu Nepal or in support of the BJP their migration into Muslim areas could be reminiscent of the Muhajir. When resource paucity is added even local Shias could act like Assamese. And when they get transplanted into Hindu areas like the Rohingyas, Hindus won’t be happy either.

Despite theological denigration, dar al-harb has been kinder to the suffering Middle Eastern Muslims than dar al-Islam (Muslim countries). Thus, dissolving into majority Shias, and even governing over the minority Sunnis, Iran may be the land of bread and honey for the Shia influx.


Yes, Ahmadiyyas themselves chose not to remain with Kafirs during partition and Md Jafarullah Khan himself wrote the Lahore resolution in 1940. However, more than just individual humiliations, Pakistan’s constitution itself denies Ahmadiyyas their faith as Muslims. However, with their addition of a ‘prophet’ after Mohammed being a theological misfit — even amongst Indian Muslims — they may not find peace even in religious India. Or as invited trouble they may need much resource draining security. Instead, less religious liberal West may suit them better unless doctrinal readjustment is made.


Yes, Rohingyas are refugees, but CAA isn’t about Myanmar. Also, while Muslim Bangladesh becomes uncomfortable with them, a question becomes relevant; why didn’t Myanmar persecute and expel the Hindu minority but just them? In fact, as Bangladesh asserts, they could pose a threat to Indian security. In addition, they have massacred innocent Hindu women and children in Myanmar for not converting to Islam. India is duty bound to protect its citizens. It can’t take that risk.

The Sunnis:

With them, by definition, not being the religiously persecuted minority and if allowed they – the Sunnis — could only constitute a large chunk of economic migrants — as is happening in its North East. India cannot afford to restrain that flow of Sunnis because of vote bank politics and the resources needed to investigate individual cases. India certainly cannot be Germany – neither in resource as said above, nor in liberalism. Not even in historical context.


Islam prescribes death for apostates and critics face death threats. They are as much a persecuted minority in those countries. Surprisingly, however, not being gay/lesbian issue the rules of globalist-Islamist fleeting bond makes the Indian atheist communists not see ‘workers of the world unite’ in them let alone voice their lack in the ACC. Prominent ones like Taslima Nasreen and Tariq Fatah seem to feel secure in the liberal West than religious India.

Far from blocking Muslims or showing inequality, as allowed by its 1955 Act India has given citizenship to thousands of Muslims over the years. One was given recently.

With it having a fear of population boom, state agitations, vote bank politics, religious riots, competition of resources for proper living and the burden of probing each case India cannot afford an influx of demography changing economic migrants from the majority community – who chose to live in those countries during the partition. While this sequela is bad even for Indian Muslims, unlike the Indianized Muslims, the migrant Muslims come with the Pakistani trait. While the Indian Hindus fear being minority if that is allowed, the minority refugees feel getting Indian citizenship pointless, if the persecutors are allowed to accompany them. CAA, thus, would not only be pointless but cruel. If the CAA is bad, it is bad for the opposition alone.

Opposition in India:

Being a citizenship law for persecuted minority, who arrived from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan before Dec. 2014 that only reduces the required time spent in India from 10 to 5 years, this CAA has nothing to do with any Indian citizen. However, either showing complete ignorance of the ethos, history, existential reality and the future of India (for that matter themselves) or tracing an agenda or even their own relevance the leftists, liberals and the Congress Party are missing the absence the word Muslim in the list. Choosing not to understand that the anti-Muslim accused BJP has done much more for the Muslims than Congress, that they are insulting their own leaders like Gandhi, Nehru and Singh – who wished to do so and that the law is actually helping Indian Muslims they are wrongly deriding the CAA as anti-Muslim and anti-constitutional. The quoted equality in article 14 also routinely allows exceptions. Without that there would be no reservations for the underprivileged or grants for Hajj. [youtube]

Furthermore, unlike the opposition tacitly using ‘by any means’, students airing lack of humanity – even if not an educated sympathy for the persecuted but instead seeking persecutor’s rights to add insult to injury questions their education itself. Also, instead of ‘We pause our peaceful protests for the sake of our country as criminals have overtaken it’, their, ‘it’s not by us, let police investigate’ – when many police personnel are hospitalized is pathetic. It questions the education system in that country.

In addition, far from being legal, spontaneous, peaceful and democratic expressions the protests have been well planned, violent and criminal – clearly indicating a nexus between students, opposition politicians and the criminals. Expectedly some ‘called to walk’ protestors don’t even know, what they are protesting against. And spreading not towards other Indian universities as it usually happens, but to Harvard and Cambridge universities does seem to show a globalist-Islamist connection.

Like the New Delhi rally that was organized by Congress to stay relevant, the party associated Chief Ministers serially said, ‘won’t put it in my state.’This is understandable but illegal. True, being the primary taker of immigrants Assam’s pain is understandable. Also, like in the making of Bangladesh, identity and economy being stronger than faith can be seen here too. But while cash and dilution of the neo-citizens into other states can settle it, if not, ethnicism can be deduced. Strangely, it wasn’t objected, when the criteron was 10 years. Since this CAA’s reduction of it to 5 years didn’t have much ‘meat’ the opposition has dragged in the fear of the content of not yet formed imaginary NRC to gather people for destruction of their country’s property. Amounting to crossing the bridge before it comes, the myth is causing devastating damage to the country which is spreading via the Net.

Global opposition:

Despite taking its riches – material and knowledge – that tremendously helped the West, later itself, has never tried to understand India apart from a few. They have been wrong on assessing the intactness of a ‘polytheist’ India after its independence, and the impact of post Atom Bomb blast sanctions. Having less knowledge and more of an agenda, the Western media has not been kind to India either.

Not even having control over their places of worship among others and believing that they are second-class citizens the accused Hindus instead had to do a Hindu Revolution in 2014. Despite being innocent, like a bad prognostic cancer doctor, The Guardian collected its pundits to predict doomsday for Muslims if Modi came to power. But silencing those pundits Modi has done far more for the Muslims than Congress ever did as said above and religious riots that were routine before have now vanished.

In this instance, while showing yellow journalism WSJ does not show ‘Christian’ to its audience, seeking an agenda to demean India in any way USCIRF does not see the alleviation of the plight of the persecuted minorities in those courtiers. Having Muslim countries as members, who did not give refuge to Middle Eastern Muslim refugees and allowed the burden to be taken by Christian/atheist Europe, UN saying ‘discriminatory’ is irrational but understandable. The ambassador at large for international religious freedom, who showed brilliance in his Ten Stages of Genocide‘ does not show it in the understanding of allowed inequalities and favours in India – reservation, Haj subsidies, taking Hindu temple money, etc. in the freedom of speech he uses.


Almost suggesting ones in glass house should not throw stones; the Western world is not without its own inequalities. While the indigenous Indians are not happy, the blacks who suffer persecution on a daily basis as a second class citizen even have a hash tag #blacklivesmatter. Let alone race, even minority religions don’t get dignity. American Hindu citizens, whose children are forced to read derogatory remarks about their own religion in school text books as prescribed by the cartel of Hindu academics, are having to fight for their rights in California.

The truth:

Facts are facts. The CAA is about choosing people who can be citizens of the country not about treatment of who are already citizens. Either way as said above, CAA isn’t wrong constitutionally. Also, let alone citizenship, the US cannot offer visas to all the third world applicants. India is no different. Like US has Hispanic migrants issue, India has its own painful history, influx of migrants from the surrounding Muslim countries and an anxiety laden future as explained above. Also, unknown to the West, it is this allowance of privileges to certain groups in India that is actually said to have aided the progress of USA itself!

That facility’s use on the CAA as per the country’s need isn’t wrong either. Despite a traumatic history/vivisection, far from a block on them, India has given citizenships to many Muslims – on an individual, not a large group basis.

Yes after losing the North East, India fears change in its religious demography, especially, in the tribal areas because of the unpalatable fraudulent Christian missionary activities. Also, Hindus are bearing the brunt of vilification of their deities, the hatred espoused towards their faith and the creation of ‘Christ Village’ where Hindu icons are desecrated like in Pakistan. It also fears the resourceful break India forces that dramatized fake church attacks to demonize India in many international forums. Both Obama and Trump have criticized India for not treating its minorities’ right, not because of Muslim pressure but due to the pressure of US Christian missionaries. Despite all that India has not traced the course followed by missionaries not tolerating Muslim countries. Rather tracing its own pluralistic and compassionate tradition of offering place to the persecuted people including the much indebted West persecuted Jews, India has offered unquestioned citizenship to the persecuted Christians too. It is also true that being from a majority group, the word Christian would not be there if Vatican was mentioned or Buddhist if Thailand was. If only learned people understood this.

In all this, where is the talk about the persecuted people? It is so sad. Almost like the enthusiasm of taking videos of a drowning human being instead of helping him, the philosophy of moral duty to save the persecuted humanity from certain entry into a lion’s den is a far cry. Suddenly ‘homo sapiens’ is seen rising and ‘civilization’ seems to follow sunset.

Consequence of Opposition:

Yes, the outcry by this 4th pillar and the other agencies could have lessened the gang rapes and torture of these unfortunate minorities, which instead continued for such a long time. Far from a sorry for the incompetence, almost like a homosexuality alone hindered globalist-Muslim connect, the West shows paucity of knowledge of the Indian context (India’s past, present and future) and gets stuck with the word Muslim or lack of it in the CAA.

Even if their absence of feelings for the persecuted souls is overlooked, the giving perpetrators the impression of, ‘West is on our side’ becomes harmful. While this entices perpetrators in the Muslim majority states, in the land of Gandhi it makes even students make petrol bombs for violence. Not only that thanks to that support, Muslim rioters are openly saying ‘freedom from Hindus’, ‘we will kill all Hindus’ or ‘Idols will be removed.’ Thankfully, India is not burning because it has many Indianized Muslims, who sense that mentioning Muslim in the CAA would have enticed mass migration and that would not have been good for them too.

Yes India’s Hindu nationalist party BJP & Modi are blamed, and Indian police are having a rough time controlling rioters now, but Modi only did what Gandhi, Nehru and Singh wanted. Since they favored minorities and not Muslims, the protesters possibly have to agree that those three were communal anti-Muslim bigots too!

Yes, BJP certainly has made the minority refugees dance on the streets praising Modi, but like the revenge destruction of their temples back home following the Babri Mosque demolition, a revenge persecution there could painfully follow.Since oppression will expectedly continue regardless, the December 2014 deadline won’t help them; an open end will. Only then the compassion asked by its civilization will be full. If that is not invoked, India could easily be accused of not giving its children an informed choice during the partition, and not doing anything for them when they are facing almost certain forced conversion or a forced migration just for survival. Love and care of the unqualified is another essential..

Before that, however, like infusing intellectuals, it has to infuse billions into its media to apprise people and into its police force to intelligently and effectively control violence – lest it turns into a civil war.

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