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Dilemma of a Muslim youth in the times of NRC-CAA protests

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In the time where Muslims are coming out in mobs to protest NRC and CAA, vandalizing properties and lynching and even shooting at police, there is a bigger section of young Muslims that does not want to be the part of this bigoted mob.

These unfortunate young Muslims are battling on multiple fronts. On one side there are “liberals” and “seculars” who want these Muslims to follow them blindly, other side has misinformed and bigoted parents who blindly believe in whatever is told to them by Mullahs and community leaders.

A Muslim girl Shabana (name changed) wanted to vote for change in 2014 but ended up voting for “synonym of corruption” Congress because she was told to do so by her conservative parents, who were told to do so by their community leader.

Her opinion anyway mattered a little, but she never felt this much helpless and lonely before NRC-CAA protests started. She shared her point of view with her revolutionary friends but those liberal comrades (most of them are practicing conservative Muslims at home or useful idiot Hindus) even abused her for having different opinion.

Her support for NRC-CAA became her worst nightmare when she shared her thoughts with her leftist comrade cousin considering he proclaims himself a liberal and will respect her opinion. Instead, he came to her house same day to meet her parents and she was forced to resign from her job. Her bigoted father feared that she may join pro NRC-CAA rallies.

Shabana was the first lady in her whole extended family to go out for a job, this was not easy in a family of Muslim conservatives and Liberal activists who want to fight against Brahmanical patriarchy but support Islamic patriarchy in the name of family honor.

Waseem, a software engineer has similar story where he was abused and threatened by his family members for supporting NRC-CAA.

His misguided parents keeps on forwarding him fake WhatsApp messages and videos to convince him to protest NRC-CAA, his liberal and secular friends keep forwarding him fake messages and videos about how Hindus want to take over the country and how dangerous India has become for Muslims.

“My liberal friends don’t answer why they are so desperate to bring Rohingyas to dangerous country like India”, says Waseem. “My father doesn’t answer why I should believe more in Muslim brotherhood than Indian Brotherhood”.

Kavita has a different story. She comes from a Hindu liberal, secular family and like every typical Indian pseudo liberal and secular, her parents neither celebrate any Hindu festival nor do believe in Ram or Krishna and hate everything that has anything to do with Hindu. Though, they start celebrating like a kid on Christmas and Eid. Kavita calls them “useful idiots” with a smile on her face.

Kavita’s grandmother was devotee of Lord Krishna. She was forced to spend rest of her life in a small prison cell like room in her own house because Kavita’s leftist parents could not tolerate the sound of chanting’s and smell of agarbatti. They did not want their liberal and secular friend circle to find out that they have a “Hindu” at home. Kavita believe that she got her revolutionary genes from her grandmother who herself was a revolutionary that never gave up on her devotion.

Like Shabana, Kavita and Waseem, there are millions of black sheep in every Indian family. They are forced to live the life of a fake liberal, force fed the biases against majority. They are forced to believe that whatever wrong happens in this world is because of Hindus.

Shabana’s liberal comrade cousins believe that someday Gajwa-e-Hind will happen with the help of useful idiots (read liberals and seculars) and muslims will get what they deserve.

Waseem’s bigoted father does not employ any Hindu in his business but would happily accept a Hindu bride for his son.

Kavita’s “useful idiot” parents strongly believe that they are entitled to decide dos and don’ts for Hindus be it height of Dahi-Handi or timings of Holi/Diwali celebration.

Unlike 2014, Shabana voted for BJP in 2019 because she supported criminalization of triple talaq. Kavita voted for Modi because she can tolerate an Idiot as family head bot not as country head. Waseem voted for BJP because he could never feel like a scared Muslim, his Hindu landlord and he believes that safety of Muslims can only be guaranteed if India is safe under Modi’s BJP.

Shabana, Kavita and Waseem feel helpless when they want to support Modi and BJP on Triple talaq or 370, or when they want to clap on surgical strikes. They are not allowed to show their solidarity for Ankit Saxena who was murdered for having a Muslim girlfriend, they are not allowed to say that Junaid was killed for a seat and not for wearing skull cap.

Shabana, Kavita and Waseem feel suffocated in their so called liberal and secular families where they can’t raise their voice against someone who openly threatens to kill 100 Crore Hindus in 15 minutes or when they can’t object on vulgar cartoons made on Hinduism in the name of freedom of expression.

Shabana supports NRC-CAA because she knows that bill is limited to refugees and has nothing to do with Indian Muslims, Kavita supports NRC-CAA because she sympathizes with non-Muslim victims from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan and is not ready to take the fake argument that Muslims are also discriminated on the bases of religion in an Islamic country. Waseem supports NRC-CAA because for him Muslims have 150 countries but for Hindus there is not even a single country on this planet and thus Indian Muslims who are 5 times a day allowed to play on loudspeaker “Allah is greatest”, should show a bigger heart for Hindu refugees.

Views of these young people have created an even bigger rift between them and their families, who they describe as bigots whose minds are filed with misinformation and hatred for Hindus. Who don’t have an identity of their own and follow the footsteps of Mullahs and community leaders. These youth are slowly and steadily trying to change the minds of their conservative, misguided and ill-informed community members and still have not given up.

Apart from their regular social media presence where they share only work and family related updates, they have anonymous Facebook and Twitter accounts where they continue to express themselves fearlessly. Here they counter champions of freedom of expression and liberals who call them Bhakts, paid members of IT cell or Hindu terrorists.

Waseem laughs and shares one of many incidents where a liberal messaged him, threaten him and dared him to share his contact number. When Waseem shared his contact number, that liberal called him and was shocked to know that a Muslim is supporting Modi. Waseem has successfully made many liberals understand that Muslims are not scared in India and most of them support criminalizing Triple Talaq and scraping 370.

Waseem has an interesting argument” I have never seen a liberal Muslim abusing Islam or liberal Christian abusing Christianity but these Hindu liberals continuously abuse Hindus and Hinduism….. I can’t stand with them because jo Hindu hokar Hindu ke sage nahi ho sake, Musalman ke kaise honge?”

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