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Agglomeration of fear mongers over CAA is good, easy to isolate and decompose, support PM Modi, save India

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Certainly India is passing through a painful period from the political perspective thanks to plenty of fear mongers in India who wants to oppose PM Modi and corruption free governance even at the cost of India. For all those corrupt forces, Modi is the major road block to execute scams and dynastic politics and hence they oppose Modi so that India is back in their hands once Modi is defeated and thereon they can play dynastic politics, loot the nation and can engage in nepotism.

Most of the opposition parties are engaged in Fnord politics and missionary activity in converting innocent people to become fearful, restless, volatile and always engage in street protests even at the cost of own progress and also that jettisons own family. All those tukde tukde gangs and political parties that promote dynastic culture and sycophancy are engaged in Fnord by way of attempting to brain wash the people by speaking repeatedly the same slogan that CAA is against certain minority community and dangerous to India. Actually all these tukde tukde gangs are trying to convert the gullible people to become stupid and irrational and at the same time also want all those people to follow the instructions of their political master blindly, deafly and mutely.

Sow lie and hatred, harvest lie and hatred and sell lie and hatred is the only business of most of those oppose Modi.


When Modi attempts to empower people economically, socially, politically and educationally, the opposition political forces want to promote corruption, dynasty and sycophancy and similarly the tukde tukde gangs wants to disengage people from own intelligence, common sense, rationalism and instead they want people to be like cow or sheep that just follow the cowherd or shepherd whether to green pasture or slaughter house innocently.

The protest of people against CAA is the best example. Most of those who participate in protest against CAA along with the political parties of the dynasts seems to know little about CAA but are very active in opposing CAA.

The ignorance of all those ignorant brigades does not stop with opposing CAA but are constantly engaged in spreading lies and fear mongering that CAA is against minority, is going to take away the citizenship of some minority community and is going to change the culture and demography of India etc.


The real problem is not the protest or opposition to CAA. In democracy people have the right to oppose anything and everything. At times, people need not even give reasons why they oppose certain initiatives of the government. But how one being so ignorant of CAA, can afford to spread lies and distort information about CAA and how people can behave like trained circus animals that follow the instructions of the ring master is quite disgusting and heartening.

It is not just the congress party of the dynast and other opposition parties are going to get alienated in India, the ignorant, brain-less logs are also going to end up as separate society or club in India. Opposing some very good initiatives of PM Modi due to political reason is also fine but spreading lies and fear mongering about CAA without even having nursery school knowledge about CAA is dangerous. 

Such ‘ignorant logs’ are not harming the nation but are harming the self by remains as ignorant, innocent and irrational followers of the flock or herd and live and die as mere follower or sloganeer.


In a way the agglomeration of all negative forces, liars, and fear mongers and those promote the politics of sycophancy, dynasty and corruption is quite good although such agglomeration may initially scares us due to its mere noise but such agglomeration also would help us to easily isolate, avoid and eliminate such divisive forces through the democratic norms.

Support PM Modi and Ami Shah to make India a great land and achieve sab ka sath, sab ka vikas.

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