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Savarkar phobia, the congenital behavioural disorder of the dynast of congress party

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The recent statement of the dynast Raghul Gandhi venting out his inborn hatred towards one of the greatest nationalists and patriots of our freedom struggle and promoter of one India idea under our living heritage and culture called Hinduism- Vir Savarkar reveals nothing but the dynast is suffering from a serious Hindu phobia.

Savarkar is not just a freedom fighter but a true leader, guide and philosopher to millions of Indians and India always cherish the values and ethos of Savarkar like how Indians respect and value our constitution, Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.

The problem of dynast is multi-various. His inborn phobia towards Hinduism is well known. Always he has used pseudo-secular garb to cover his hatred agaisnt Hinduism but minority appeasement is always according to the dynast and his associates is part of promoting secular ideals.

It is so unfortunate that no one in the congress party is willing to give some common sense and political wisdom to the dynast and dissuade him from making statements that would demean the dignity of India and national icons like Savarkar. Just to mock at PM Modi and his great initiative called make in India to promote India as one of the global manufacturing hubs and destination of investors, the dynast has made a highly condemnable statement that India has become rape capital. To further his assault on to the dignity of Bharat mata, he has described Savarkar a coward and placed his ‘Gandhi’ dynasty over the glory and dignity of one our selfless freedom fighter – Savarkar. 

More bizarre aspect of the politics is that the striped cat – Shiv Sena instead of rising goose bump and its whiskers, has gone with mew, mew noise because Shiv Sena cannot criticise or question the dynast now and if Shiv Sene dare to do so, the supremo of Shiv Sena will lose his Chief Minister chair. The outcome of next Maharashtra assembly election is well known where Shiv Sena will be thrown out for its treacherous politics.

The most sickening fact is that no congress men really want to correct the dynast. Is it because the dynast cannot be corrected and therefore no one is attempting to do so is not clear. But such possibility cannot be ruled out. Already the congress party and Shiv Sena has dug own graveyard in Maharashtra politics and ensure it further, the congress party wants to re-incarnate the dynast as its president. To facilitate his re-coronation, the party has set up a forum with the hope that the dynast would behave more maturely. But the dynast cannot change nor can learn any decency.  All he knows is to lie and abuse and make high decibel noise with the hope that India would cherish him one day.  No Indian would ever respect the dynast because none of his conducts is going attract any respect or support of people of India.


His frustrations and pains against Modi are well known. Modi is working against corruption, nepotism, dynastic politics, divisive and minority appeasement politics, politics of sycophancy and more so focusing on development of the nation than one family as in the case of congress party. Therefore the dynast has more than one reason to hate and abuse Modi because Modi stands for India and not for one family as in the case of congress party. Another problem of the dynast is that he is yawning for respect and dignity in Indian politics but he hardly finds both either for himself or for his party.  Whereas the respect and support base of Modi is ever growing. Modi is respected by millions and millions of people because of his in born honesty and patriotic spirits and on the contrary people dislike and mock the dynast because of his inborn hatred for Hinduism and immature and undignified politics.

People of India must give a fitting reply to the dynast and his congress party and the party must be eliminated through democratic norms and only then India can be saved.  No Indian can ever forgive or forget the insult the dynast has inflicted upon our divine leader, icon, soul and spirit of Hinduism – Savarkar.

Let us pledge our unconditional support to Modi and Amit Shah to make India a great country free from corruption, dynastic politics and negativity.
Jai Hind.

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