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Personal integrity of Yudhisthira made him trust Duryoadhana and Shakuni’s invite so was Fadnavis over Ajith Pawar

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The so called lobby of dynastic politics and the so called brigades of secularism are criticizing BJP and Devendra Fadnavis that how BJP unit of Maharashtra could trust Ajit Pawar and agreed to take oath in the odd hours and instead BJP could have waited for a while to see the truth and could have exposed NCP.

BJP, PM Modi and Amit Shah have always kept state’s interest, development and sab ka vikas above party politics. From the point of view of several tukde tukde gangs playing all kinds of dirty politics, BJP is indeed a party which is different, upholds probity and the interest of the nation, development, corruption free governance and kamdar and not namdar politics. 

When Duryodhana invited Yudhishthira for game of dice, even though many tried to dissuade him as it was a ploy of Shakuni, but still Yudhishthira went ahead because of his love for the game and personal integrity. Yudhishthira firmly believed in values and principles and had never engaged in dirty tricks in the game of dice to win the game.  Because of his personal honesty and integrity Yudhishthira to some extent believed is some amount of fairness and honesty from Duryodhana and Shakuni.

Can we call Yudhishthira so naïve, gullible, innocent, stupid etc?  Upholding honesty, principle and values by anyone cannot be called or described as naïve or gullible act. Yudhisthira believed in the reciprocation of the same gesture from Duryodhana but Duryodhana was different, evil at heart and wicked in actions.

Devendra Fadnavis got the mandate of people to rule the state. But Shiv Sena that won due to the clean and honest image of Modi and Fadnavis has decided to stab the mandate of people from the back and wants to gel with NCP and INC for power and position.

NCP leader of legislative party Ajit Pawar approached Fadnavis with the letter of support with his authority and persuaded him to form the government immediately so that entire rank and file of NCP would support. BJP due to its commitment to give honest governance to the people of the state of Maharashtra and believing the promise of Ajit Pawar like how BJP used to uphold its promises, agreed to the arrangement and Fadnavis got sworn in. But only later the suspicion started to take different shapes like Ajit Pawar and Sharad Pawar might have played the trick together so that NCP can better its position in deal making and hard bargain with Shiv Sena.

It looks like NCP wants to keep both options open so that it can increase its value. In democracy, only people can teach lessons to all those cheats, betrayers and those who stab the mandate of people from the back.

Duryodhana and Shakuni although could cheat and defeat Yudhisthira in the game of dice but at the end, both these villainous, evil minded characters got killed miserably and even today we refer the name Duryodhana and Shakuni only for the purpose conveying a heavy meaning of cheats or lies etc.

Neither our mythology nor the politics have ever described or shown a cheat and betrayer as immortal and instead, all such evil forces were vanquished by truth and dharma.

The political betrayal of Shiv Sena and NCP will receive its brutal punishment sooner than later. History shall remember how all those evil and untrustworthy forces were destroyed at the end and how the dharma was protected.

BJP, PM Modi and Amit Shah follow dharma and also want to make India the land of dharma, honesty and truth as prescribed by Hindu sastra and taught and followed by by Lord Krishna and Lord Ram. 

Rallying up of all evil forces clearly indicates their death sooner than later and the people of India must realize that if they give fractured mandate in future, naturally that would only favour deal making and bargaining politics. People must give decisive mandate to Modi so that BJP can rule the state and take the governance to next level of progress and prosperity. All those political parties that promote dynasty culture and sycophancy will work only for own family and not for the nation. People must remember the above truth and must give unconditional support to BJP to save India from all those divisive and evil forces. People must give decisive mandate of BJP to establish truth, honesty and governance focused on sab ka vikas.

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