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My thoughts on the encounter of Hyderabad rape accused men

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Nivan Sadh
District Executive Committee member- ABVP Colaba (sub-district of Mumbai)

The rape accused Mohammad Ali alias Mohammad Arif, Jollu Shiva, Jollu Naveen Kumar and Chintakunta Chenna Keshavulu were taken early in the morning to the crime scene in Hyderabad, where they had allegedly raped and burnt veteran doctor Disha in a cruel and gut wrenching manner, to recreate the sequence of events after receiving a confession from them a few days earlier.

As per police reports, the accused tried to flee the spot after stealing a police pistol and shooting a round of bullets at the police officers, who shot them in self defense resulting in the accused succumbing to injuries while being rushed to the hospital. It does not take more than two brain cells to realize that this was a fake, pre-planned encounter of the accused rapists due to the filmy nature of the incident.

The encounter specialist who conducted this fake encounter has committed similar encounters in the past, making the probability rise that this was pre-planned.

Even though this encounter received mixed reactions on the internet, some questions have to be answered.

[1] Was justice served?

-Yes, justice was indeed served in this case. No constitutional punishment would have been brutal enough to punish these animals who raped and murdered one of India’s most prestigious doctors.

[2] Is this the right way to punish the guilty?

-No, it’s not. You need to have a fair trial in order to verify whether the person is truly guilty or not. Even Ajmal Kasab, who terrorised the country in the 26/11/2008 terror attacks was given a chance to prove his innocence in court. Democracy does not run on police officers who take law in their own hands.

[3] Why is this a scary trend?

-The people who are celebrating this encounter have a valid point, since it was fairly certain that the accused had indeed done the crime. However, encounters should not be encouraged by the public, since it goes against the principles of “fair trial for all”. Those celebrating should realise that at some point, some day, one of their loved ones might be killed in a similar encounter despite being innocent, with the police officers being hailed as heroes for committing fake encounters. Democracy, along with the Indian Judicial System, relies on the principle “Innocent until proven guilty”, no matter how heinous the crime may be.

[4] What are your thoughts on this episode?

-The investigation should continue on the rape case, and it should be ascertained whether the crime was indeed done by the accused four men. If it turns out that any one of them was innocent, their family should immediately be given a compensation for their loss and the encounter specialist should be sacked. If it turns out that they indeed were guilty, then all well and done. The guilty would anyway be dead, but the controversies that are rising would be put to rest.

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Nivan Sadh
District Executive Committee member- ABVP Colaba (sub-district of Mumbai)

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