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Karnataka by-poll outcome – the said and unsaid message of people

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The by-poll result has not just sends shock waves to the congress party but it has ringed the death bell of congress party and the congress might die if the party fails to resurrect itself from the impending disaster.

In Karnataka the congress party literally molested the mandate of people and joined hand with JDS and formed the government just to stop BJP from power, but the mandate was for BJP. The sole motive of the congress party then was to stop BJP from power. BJP got near majority in Karnataka but JDS-Congress combine assaulted the mandate of people.

Any unholy alliance just formed for power to swindle money from public exchequer is bound to fall and finally as expected, JDS-Congress experiment ended in tyranny. All those congress legislatures who were extremely unhappy with congress party joining with JDS went against the party but the speaker in a partisan manner disqualified all those legislatures and barred them even from contesting election till the end of the present term. But all of them got justice from Supreme Court and contested from BJP symbol and won the by-poll. If congress party is unwilling to learn its hard lesson from the neighbouring state of Karnataka by-poll outcome, the fate of congress party in Maharashtra is going to be dictated by NCP and not by congress party.


Karnataka has thrown two clear messages to the political parties in India. People have decided to weigh or gauge the greater betrayal and only on the basis they are going to vote in future. Congress party of the dynast and the Father-Son due of JDS took the people of the state for granted by stealing the mandate from behind the screen and formed the government. But the mandate was for BJP and not for congress and JDS. Subsequently several congress and JDS legislatures defied the party and quit from the post of member of the legislative assembly. But the speaker who is a congress man disqualified all those MLAs and barred them from contesting election till the present term of the government is over. But all those disqualified MLAs went to the Supreme Court and got judgment disqualifying the extra-constitutional power of the speaker in barring them from contesting election, contested the election under BJP and won comfortably.

The question is why people of Karnataka has elected all those left the congress party and joined BJP to power and does that not mean defection is a non-issue among people?

We should read the outcome from a different perspective. To punish those who have betrayed the mandate of people, especially the congress and JDS, supporting those who did the same trick with congress and JDS is inevitable and only through some unacceptable means the larger evil can be destroyed is the message people of Karnataka has proved. We have to adopt some unacceptable means sometime in our life when our objective is the destruction of the larger evil that is the political parties that betray the mandate of people. In the case of Karnataka, congress and JDS defeated the mandate of prople which was for BJP.


People of Karnataka have followed the path of Lord Ram and that is why they have elected 12 of 15 candidates of BJP and not JDS or congress. Lord Ram has to kill Vali at any cost and it was possible only through veiled fight and not by direct fight. Hence Lord Ram adopted hide and fight Vali to destroy him. The larger evil should be destroyed first and to achieve such goal, we may have to adopt some limited unethical means and that is ok from the perspective of justice.

It is like how people of Orissa have elected BJD for the state and Modi in the parliamentary election. To defeat congress, electing those defected from congress and joined BJP is must and that is why people have elected all those BJP candidates.

Considering the maturity of the electorates and changing topography of Indian politics; India being ruled by a honest leader PM Modi who is focusing on development and sab ka vikas, the congress party should not waste any time to pull down Shiv Sena government. If congress party continue to support Shiv Sena, the congress party will face the same fate like what it has faced in Karnataka.


Congress party should fight for its relevance at national level and should not play any role in resurrecting the political ambition of those regional parties. When the regional parties gain political significance, naturally the congress party would be the big loser and hence defeating and weakening the regional parties should be the primary focus of congress party and not stopping BJP from power.

By congress supporting Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, congress party has given the national leadership of those opposing BJP to NCP and Shiv Sena. The dynast of the congress party has lost his relevance among people, among the opposition parties and finally within the party. If congress party continue the same old politics of 1960’s, it would vanish from India’s political map.

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