Is CAB stimulating secular hue?

So much hue and cry continues over the CAB, which needs no foreword. It awaits 121 members’ vote for its passage in the Upper House of the Parliament. Home minister Amit Shah said oppressed minorities in neighbouring three countries viz., Afghanistan, Bangladesh,and Pakistan will be considered for Indian citizenship. Those who have been residing are happy at the decision. Adnan Sami, a famous singer has even supported the bill.

Was the Bill directed towards adjusting the difference among the voters on religious lines? What the Congress party did in the past years was perceived by the ruling BJP as reasonable now. That’s why it has attempted to bring the Citizenship Amendment Bill on the third time in the parliament. Though the numbers favour passage of the bill in Rajya Sabha, opposition parties leave no chance of stalling. The ruling party leaders are confident of securing the complete numbers. It is a game of numbers undoutedly. Once passed finally; it will boost the chance of BJP for winning the state assemblies elections after increase in its supporters. Delhi assembly has the Aam Aadmi Party govt which disturbs the ruling party leaders. They want to send its MLAs in the state assembly that is possible only through increase in the vote bank. Can the CAB not help in this direction?

The Congress party looks at its interest while the TMC is the most vocal political party after Assaduddin Owaisi against the bill. The demonstrations in Assam and other NE states are said to have staged owing to other political purposes as a few experts insisted but it cannot be denied that disagreement also looms on the concern for the votes. The religious tint had existed during the partition and the same hue appears in the 2019.

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