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Shiv Sena aligning with Congress not just political blunder, butchery of people’s mandate

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The childish threat of Shiv Sena that it would join hand with NCP and congress and form government if BJP doesn’t make its dynast as Chief Minister of Maharashtra is nothing but the conscious decision of Uddhav Thackeray, chief of Shiv Sena to follow the path of Chandrababu Naidu of TDP to go with congress and finally who got eliminated from Andhra Pradesh politics.

Shiv Sena has every right to demand its pound of flesh from BJP but the party should not serve threat to BJP of its love for congress just to make the dynast of Shiv Sena as chief minister of Maharashtra.

The core vote base of Shiv Sena in Maharashtra is the hard core Maharashtra manus or Marathas.  On the contrary the core vote base of BJP is predominantly non-Marathas or in simple term, Indians. Relatively the neutral Maharashtrians also support congress party the way they support BJP.

When Shiv Sena and congress come together, the core marathas vote would shift from Shiv Sena to NCP and non-maratha proponents or otherwise called Indians in broader sense would shift to BJP intoto.

In near future, both Shiv Sena and congress are likely to lose their core vote base.  Maharashtra politics is going to be between NCP and BJP. Probably NCP chief Sharad Pawar would have sensed this possibility and that is why he is persuading congress to support Shiv Sena and simultaneously showing carrot to Shiv Sena.

Shiv Sena has to abandon its core ideology and princely blood nationalistic politics to come to power with the help of congress party. Indian electorates would allow some dilution of the core political ideology by the political parties that they support but never forgive and forget the party that abandons its core ideology for power.


Today the left parties have disappeared due to their senseless politics of supporting congress party to keep BJP away from power. Left was always seen as party of poor and working class and congress was described by left as party of rich and wealthy and those who exploit the poor and working class. When the left party decided to support congress party, it had lost its core vote base and the result is left party has gone invisible in Indian politics.

In one bullet, NCP can kill both birds viz., Shiv Sena and Congress so that a new dynasty politics NCP can create may be the thinking of NCP chief.

In the last assembly election too BJP emerged as single largest party but was a few seats short of majority. NCP chief offered his support but BJP refused and resumed talk with Shiv Sena and then formed the government. Both in Maharashtra and in India, BJP, Modi and Amit Shah remain very principled and honest and are interested only in development and sab ka vikas and not power or position.


If some ideological differences were the reason for Shiv Sena to move away from BJP that can be accepted but the demand of making Uddhav Thackeray’s son Aditya Thackeray as Chief Minister of Maharashtra because Thackeray family wants a Chief Minister from their family and BJP does not support such wish, it would to join hand with congress party is absurd, bizarre and unimaginable in the world politics.

Shiva Sena is walking the path of Chandra Babu Naidu of TDP who wants to create some political sensation, joined hands with Congress to abuse Modi. But the people Andhra Pradesh taught life time lesson to TDP and now it looks like TDP is trying to win the love of BJP to resurrect itself.

Shiv Sena is not just making a political blunder but committing a crime on democracy and butchery of peoples mandate by joining with congress party. Sooner than later Maharashtra people will certainly get a wonderful chance to exile Shiv Sena and Congress from Indian politics forever.

Support BJP and Modi to make India free from corruption, dynastic politics and nepotism and hate mongering. Modi wants to develop India and whereas dynastic parties want to develop own family and make their family members Chief Minister etc. Let us save India but extending our unconditional support Modi.

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