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Modi-Shah, like Lord Krishna and Arjuna to India, EPS uncommon leader of difficult times – Rajnikanth

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The speech of Super Star Rajnikanth on the occasion of birth day celebration of Mr. Kamal Hassan conveys several deeper and voluminous messages to DMK and those who promote and perpetuate negativity, lies and minority appeasement politics in Tamil Nadu.

Already the Super Star has given SUPER STAR RATING to PM Modi, our Honourable Prime Minister of India and Shri Amit Shah, the most effective and vibrant Home Minister of India by equating their governance style to Lord Krishna and Arjuna.    

What the Super Star has said about EPS is true. EPS would not have dreamt of becoming the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu when he was in the cabinet of Amma. But the unfortunate and sad demise of Amma has pushed AIADMK to a corner and finally EPS has emerged as the most accepted face to the lead the Government as its Chief Minister.

DMK ever since EPS became Chief Minster, perpetuated and promoted bundle of lies against Modi, against EPS and given several false promises like Gold load waiver, pension to state government employees, cancellation of NEET etc., during last election believing that DMK would head the next government when AIADMK government falls.

Due to the uncertainty and difficulty in accepting EPS in the place of Amma, people of the state were initially confused and DMK has harvested enough from such confusion by giving several false promises. But today DMK is in a helpless state and got thoroughly exposed.

Now the DMK argues that if they come to power only then they could do whatever they had promised. The question is what then they are going to do to the state after winning 38 MP seats in the last parliamentary election? Are they going to say only if DMK comes to power in the state and centre, they would fulfil and until then they would rest or would again engage in negative politics, politics of anti-God, anti-Hindu rhetoric and attribute everything to Modi?

No doubt EPS has emerged as an outstanding leader although a leader of MGR or Amma’s stature he has not achieved and only when he lead his party in the next assembly election as Chief Minister Candidate, we can ascertain that.

Definitely the DMK chief is no match to EPS because DMK is a political party of one family and hence the son inherited the party from his father and his son is getting ready to inherit the party from his father in near future. 

EPS become Chief Minister of the state during the most difficult times.

The party was split into three groups, many within the AIADMK led by EPS were restless and want to pull down the government, state was facing water crisis etc.

Modi after recognising the growth and prosperity of the state that was achieved by late Amma and never want the state to be ruined by the negative and hate politics of DMK, offered support to EPS government so that the state is taken further to the path of development and prosperity. Thus EPS emerged as an uncommon leader in difficult times.

Super Star Rajni has recognized the same and minced no words in praising EPS. In fact Super Star has exposed the meaningless politics of Stalin who has said time and again that EPS government would fall and he would become Chief Minister of the state. But no amount of ambition or desire of Stalin to become Chief Minister of the state after fall of EPS is going to happen as EPS as a leader is growing day by day like a bamboo and on the other hand DMK is losing its credibility and trustworthiness among people.

Even if we want to attribute the stability of EPS government to magic or miracle, Super Star has unequivocally re-iterated that the same miracle would continue. It means DMK has no chance even in next assembly election. Either Rajni-Kamal combine may sweep or EPS with BJP and never DMK.

From the leadership perspective, EPS is taller than Stalin in all respects. AIADMK didn’t belong to a particular family where EPS has inherited the legacy from his father like Stalin and DMK. The cadres and party men in AIADMK started to admire and respect EPS because of his leadership acumen and good governance spirit but in the case of DMK, the members of the party and cadres follow Stalin because he is the boss of the enterprise and they are mere employees.

EPS has clear vision, assertiveness and goodness whereas DMK is engaged in promoting lies, hate God, abuse Hinduism rhetoric and crucify Brahmins for everything. DMK is interested only in caste politics whereas EPS is interested in developing the state.

The biggest reason for the success of EPS is that he is honest and is following the leadership style of PM Modi, supported Modi led government at the centre and received support and guidance, followed benevolent politics and not politics of rowdy-ism, gave representation to all communities and reflected the true spirit and emotions of late MGR and Amma.

But DMK on the other hand wants to move from ownership driven party to autocrat led party as stated by none other than its president MK Stalin who is not only the President of the party but also the General Secretary. Hope people of TN will recognise the truth that the state can be developed further only by invoking bhakti tradition of Tamil literature and honesty of Modi and not DMK. People must make a clear choice in which party should not be elected in the state more than to which party they should vote for.

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