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MYK LATICRETE steps up to the challenging demands of the National War Memorial

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The National War Memorial is an enduring symbol of sacrifice, one that honours those who died in uniform during the Indo-China, Indo-Pak, and Kargil wars and the Indian Peace Keeping Force Operations in Sri Lanka. Rooted in the invincible Chakravyuh formation, the memorial is characterized by four concentric circles representing different values of the armed forces. Spread over 40 acres along the axis of India Gate and the canopy, it has a stone obelisk and is surrounded by 16 circular granite walls. These walls carry granite tablets inscribed with names of almost 26,000 martyrs.

The memorial is expected to welcome hundreds of thousands of people. For any project of this magnitude and significance, it is incumbent that it is built for the future with solid design and construction principles. Since it was largely made out of stone, it meant there was a need for specialized products that could match the demanding nature of the project. MYK LATICRETE was then chosen, backed by its expertise and innovation in high performance materials.

MYK LATICRETE delivered a full range of products as detailed below:

  1. MYK LATICRETE Stellar Grout, a single component ready-to-use high performance modified grout was employed as a joint filler in sandstone and granite in an area spanning around four lakh sqft.It preserved the aesthetic of the stone by blending in. Parchment and Canyon Red colored grout was used to give the stone that seamlessness and protect it from being marred through its stain protection features. Furthermore, the UV and temperature resistant nature of the product meant that the exposed area was kept safe from the vagaries of nature.
  2. LATICRETE 190 Sealer, as the name suggests, was used to keep out water and stains through an invisible repellant layer on sandstone installed on walls. The product lent its protective features across an area of about 25,000 sqft without interfering with the aesthetic of the stone. Seeing as it required no special tools, the task was a breeze to complete.
  3. For the entry area of approximately 150 sqft a polymer fortified mortar, LATICRETE 335 was chosen for installing stone. Seeing as the entryway is expected to witness high foot traffic, it warranted the use of a product that provides superior strength and has the flexibility to handle structural movements. The LATICRETE 335 was the ultimate solution as it did just that and more with its non-sag property and capability of handling extreme weather.
  4. The LATICRETE SP-100 tile joint ,water- temperature- and germ- resistant grout in slate grey was used across a 4,000 sqft. area constituting the South Zone basement and the space close to the soldier park. The product was used to keep with the aesthetic of the memorial while also protecting it from stains.

MYK LATICRETE is incredibly honored to have been able to contribute to the development of this memorial which now stands as a tribute to those who laid down their lives for the country. It was certainly no small feat, but one that was well worth it.

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