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Gujarat knows the pulse and soul of business and economy- Common man see Indian economy is robust under Modi Govt

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Recently the congress party has launched a defective space jet with the former Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh to attack PM Modi for ruining the economy. The opposition parties are constantly engaged in spreading canard propaganda and fear among people that India’s economy is in a bad state.

The truth is far from those political heralding of congress party and other tukde tukde gangs which wants to fuel despair and fear among people. India had undergone a major structural reform starting from drug price control to demonetization to implementation of GST under one tax one India principle to enactment of IBC code and bringing NCLT to linking Aadhar and PAN with all purchases to investigation and recovery of NPA to initiate fair legal actions against all those corrupts who looted India indeed, all of them have collectively shaken the lethargic, callous political establishment.

India was down in shame with waves of corruption allegations such as 2G, Aircel Maxis, Coal block scam, CWG, Adharsh etc under UPA and UPA 2. But Narendra Modi has not only corrected the economy but is also rebuilding the new Image of great India from total ruin caused by UPA.

Let us analyse a few examples of some of the reforms to ask whether such reforms are needed and if so, should we not accept the short term side effects due to such reform measures as necessary evil?

The drug price control was implemented by Modi government to stop over pricing of drugs and leeching the blood of poor people by pharmacy companies. Similarly the government also brought stringent norms for bringing the treatment cost as many of the so called experts, specialists and super specialists were looting the poor people by selling fear and anxiety over their health problem. When the above norms were introduced, some of the pharma companies looting the people were bound to hit badly and either they must stop doing the same or must shut down the show if looting alone is known to them.

The inability to comply with the new law or conscious and advertent unwillingness to comply with the new norm has indeed affected the market to a small extent. But the initiatives of PM Modi to bring reforms in our health care sector were inevitable and therefor the transient slump is imminent.

The new automobile vehicle amendment act is going to curb the unlicensed driving and or the use of unlicensed vehicle by the habitual offenders. As a consequence, the sale of motor cycle can diminish for the time being. Many habitual offenders are in all likelihood are going to accuse the government for the above stringent law. The new law and its implications to the economy cannot be attributed as bad economic policy of the present dispensation. Similarly the electric vehicle proposal is also hurting the current automobile industry to some extent but electric vehicle are must to prevent pollution and petrol consumption.

Linking of Aadhaar and PAN has really limited many looters and scamsters to loot the public exchequer as the money they find it difficult to convert as white. Any such effort is if made, they will have to disclose the source which would put them in great peril. As a result of the above, big ticket scams have reduced. Earlier the money obtained through illegal means were coming to the market only to returns to the scamster as white money but now such possibility has comedown which has caused a slump in the market. This slump is not real slump or due to wrong economic policy of Modi government.

The implementation of GST has indeed eased the business but the unwillingness coupled with inability and helplessness of several micro and small business enterprises catering some services to big manufacturing units has indeed caused some trouble. Such slump is quite transient and we should not define the above slump as part of wrong economic policy.

NPA was a major worry for our economy and UPA 1 and 2 had gifted heavy financial debt to our banking sector due to wrong policy, including possible corruption, kickbacks and political mismanagement which PM Modi is correcting brick by brick.  The economic instability that our country is facing today is due to the NPA gifted to our nation by UPA and the same cannot be therefore attributed to Modi. The creation of IBC and subsequent setting of NCLT in bringing our economy back to action deserve appreciation. PM Modi is doing the right thing to make India a great country.

The common man does not see the economic slump as a part of any wrong economic policy of the present government but is due to the structural reforms, the new policies, inevitable economic reform. The common man believes completely that India’s economy is stable, robust and growing swiftly. The slump is natural, transient and also as a consequence of several structural reform measures taken by PM Modi to make India a stable, ever developing country.

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