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Modi, the total and complete Prime Minister of India

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The invincibility of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ever-growing reputation and respect with people of India and the world at large exemplifies nothing but the loud truth that goodness and honesty in public life alone shall triumph.

The speech of Modi from Red Fort on 15th of August 2019 when India was celebrating 73rd year of Independence, has invoked and evoked the spirit of commitment, vision and self-sacrifice among the people of India. The road map shown by Modi in his speech, the micro-details presented, the initiatives taken, proposals under construct and the determination and speed at which he proposed to bring several reform measures to transform India has touched every Indian who had voted for him in 2019.

Those who voted against Modi also started to repent for the grave mistake that they have committed to the nation by voting for congress and other ‘tukde tukde gang’ and most of them have started to appreciate the transformation experienced by millions and millions of Indians since 2014.

Scraping of article 370 and 35A, enactment of UAPA (Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Amendment Bill, NMC Bill to prevent corruption and banning triple talaq to ensure justice to impecunious Muslim women are only a few steps taken by Modi which he cited in his speech.

Every man in the street has started to see the transformation both at the national level and at an individual level after Modi came to power. Prior to that, Indians were only witnessing corruption, omniscient scams, nepotism, policy paralysis, dynastic politics, coalition compulsion, instability etc. The quantum of destruction India had suffered during UPA1 and UPA 2 cannot be described or documented so easily. A separate library may be required to store the monumental destructions the congress party and the family politics has done to India since 1947.

In the name of minority appeasement, congress party and other tukde tukde gangs were tormenting the sentiments and spirit of Hindu communities. States like Tamil Nadu is facing a big danger of minority appeasement by DMK and its affiliates. Such an appeasement politics is in fact only going to divide the communities which the minority community must understand quickly.

Unless Tamil Nadu re-invents its ancient roots of Bhakti era where the spiritual scholars and divine poets promoted the sacred culture and literature of Tamil through divine worship, the state cannot be saved.

People of the state must re-play the great speech of Modi several times in order to understand how grave the situation some people in Tamil Nadu are creating by supporting DMK which promotes nothing but negativism, divisiveness and hate politics for a family to remain in power.

The Independence Day speech of Modi has both vision and caution for the citizens.  Starting from minimising the use of plastics, to population control to a healthy lifestyle..all most all important aspects for a healthy and happy life, Modi has listed in detail in his speech.

India must promote and strengthen its spiritual quotient and only through divine faith and belief, the moral, ethical and conscience behaviour in man can be developed.  Indians must, while going across the world to see several new things, also must travel deep within our ancient tradition, culture, Sanskrit literature, Mahabharat, Ramayana, Vedas, Upanishad etc., and how our ancient rishis and munis had lived in jungle embracing the nature and conquered eternal happiness.

In Tamil Nadu, the DMK and its affiliates had caused great cultural catastrophe by promoting anti-God, anti-Hindu, anti-bhakti sentiments and infusing hatred against a particular community by dividing the society under Aryan and Dravidian illusion.   People of the state must embrace spiritual politics than politics of hatred and atheism and must support Modi and BJP to save the rich cultural and spiritual tradition of Tamil Nadu. Dynastic Dravidian brand politics must end in the state and only then the state can progress.

Time has come people of India in general and people of Tamil Nadu, in particular, must realize the truth that Modi is the first total and complete Prime Minister of India who lives fully for India and Indians and not like the political parties that follow the rule of dynasty and family worship.

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