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Even Kamsa and Ravan had their time in power – JDS-Congress delay floor test

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People of Karnataka are frustrated and are boiling with anger over the greed of JDS-Congress alliance to hang on to power by delaying the floor trust. The alliance does not have the number but still wants to continue in power with the hope that they could engage in horse trade and somehow can cobble up support. Soon the fall of JDS-Congress would happen and certainly such fall also would script the obituary column of both the parties in Indian politics.

Look at Hindu epic Ramayana where Ravan continued his rule of terror and obsession for several years. It took several years and only then Ravan was killed by Lord Ram, the avatar of Lord Vishnu. So were Kamsa and Hiranyakashipu. All evil forces and demons had have their days uninterrupted and unchallenged and millions of mutiny yawning for a change has been answer at the end by the entry of Lord in the form of Ram or Krishna or Narasimha and then destroyed all those demons.

The day is not far away the misrule and corruption in Karnataka would end. The greed to be in power has an expiry although the JDS-Congress combine is pulling on their minority government with the help of speaker who appears to have reduced his office to favour the greed of HD Kumarasamy.

All angry people of Karnataka especially the youths must preserve their anger in a positive way and must defeat both JDS and Congress totally and completely from Karnataka politics. The defeat must scare all political parties in India not to attempt such dirty politics that is being played by JDS-Congress alliance in Karnataka.

People of Karnataka also must own the responsibility to spread across India about the importance of a stable government and how the state can be ruined by two political parties fought with each other before election and then form an alliance to come to power just to stop the mandate of people, to the world at large. People of Karnataka also must highlight the greatness of  PM Modi, scam free governance, dedicated to development and sab ka vikas. Like in India how BJP is the only political party people wants, in Karnataka too, BJP alone should be supported and no space should be given to JDS and Congress party in future. Only if people of the state determined to defeat unholy alliance between JDS and Congress and support BJP, instability, horse trading, corruption etc., can be eliminated. 

India should recognize the political stalemate in Karnataka and the mal-governance of JDS-Congress as an indicator of how India can be ruined if people elect tukde tukde gangs and give indecisive verdict.

Like how people of India elected PM Modi with massive majority again in 2019, people of Karnataka also must elect BJP with massive majority and must pledge that BJP alone should be elected in Karnataka for another 5-6 terms and by the time the congress and JDS would be eliminated from Karnataka politics.

The attempt of JDS-Congress to delay trust vote is quite bizarre. How long can they prolong? How much money is being wasted for such prolonged assembly session and where is governance?

People of the state also must accept the responsibility for the present plight in the state. Had they voted BJP with decisive majority, the state would not have faced such situation. Along with PM Modi the state would have marched ahead and also would have contributed to the vision of New India as envisaged by PM Modi.

Time has come, every state in India must in letter and spirit recognise the absolute truth that BJP alone can develop the state and achieve sab ka vikas. Most of the tukde tukde gangs are interested only in promoting dynastic politics, nepotism and wants to engage in corruption.   Let us take the sad situation in Karnataka as our last learning and let us support PM Modi and BJP and save India.

S Ranganathan

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